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This was written Tuesday August 18th 2020 under the shade of a tree.

You need not know or feel the old to release the old. you are feeling the pull of the new and the pull of the old. release both and experience freedom of presence. its when we settle in and BE - all things ARE. Everything in nature has a purpose. the ant on your toe, the grass under your feet, the roots of the tree supporting your physical body. The consciousness of the tree supporting your consciousness. 

​to be in your own presence is to sit with self and that is who you are. 

Signs. Signs have been a major "signpost" for you as you make you way around. they helped you as you learned to trust. now your trust has improved greatly and now you see signs merely validate whats already known. You used to be scared of looking within and seeing truth and now your seeing only truth. as we said before your LIFE is the great SIGN.

the sign that you've been waiting for - is you. 

you are here  you have purpose  and the joy of living is at hand - always. 

​your art is always mirroring back to you your art is your healing balm. You need not look externally for answers. all is within, even the art begins within before it is poured out. looking at your paintings when they are complete is like looking at your own inner world. how beautiful! when the gift is recognized as being a gift for all even thy self it is a true gift. so look at the work. sit under a tree, lay under the stars at night, go fishing, sit on a mountain and pray. everything your looking for is so close you almost miss it. but awareness allows  for enlightenment- to lighten UP to brighten your auric field. 

Everything you need to know is hidden in your own shining soul. these are the gems of life.

Remember. painting allows yo to uncover them - to bring them out and help others as you help yourself.

Personal Power is the release of the old to tap back into conscious living. 

Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes presence possible. and this is where all treasure lies.

​if you have traps of the mind sit on the roots of a tree and release them. 

​if you have knots of the body - release them to the night sky. Healing doesn't have to be hard. healing is as natural as drinking water. 

all is possible when we go within and attune our frequency to that above. or simply put - when we remember we are love. 

enJOY life! sit back and enjoy the ride! what is your alternative? oh wait you already know, which one is more alive? joyful? 

be here for it all and allow yourself to thrive.

to express fearlessly in love. 

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