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4/4 Portal

The energy in between eclipses has felt like a rollercoaster. Even my dreams are intense right now - but always pointing the way. I woke up from a dream of being in my old house which always means, it's time to release the past. I had my reiki room set up for a client but as divine circumstance would have it, she had to cancel. So I hopped up on the table and asked my guides to surround me and work on me instead. I was definitely in need of some healing especially after how much my dream shook me up. I could feel the emotions right on the surface. I smiled at this because years ago I would have tried to distract myself instead of just sitting with it, how things can change!

A lot of beautiful things happened during my own reiki session and this is what I wrote afterward:

I spoke to God about the pain and cried and forgave and asked for forgiveness. I feel like i'm being carried over a bridge. I wasn't given any remedies - but I was given support, love and a place to rest my mind and body. I was given a safe space to release, let go and cry. I was given support. I was shown great love.

This is a journey to take, to have, to be. I need not rush around carrying the weight of life, soaking in like a sponge the dirt of the world. I must just be. and stand in the brightness of God's light. I allow my body to release in all the needed ways. I trust my unique process.

I forgive, I forgave, I am forgiven.

I was shown the time between the two eclipses as symbolically stepping across a threshold into more light. More light means casting out more darkness. Inflammation is pain leaving the body. Trust. maybe everything is not to your detriment, but to your benefit. Change the way you look at things, what you look at changes.

Maybe the body needs more rest, not more supplements. Maybe the mind needs more nature and meditation, not more thoughts. Maybe the heart needs more forgiveness and less guilt. Maybe, THIS, in this moment, IS the prescription to your healing.

So just be -

in the temple of the divine

as one

whole being.

Pulsing with one heart beat, resting, allowing oneself to be, release the pressure and just walk along the path. singing a new song

hum, joyfully hum and walk along.

Maybe it's not about extracting something out of the body, but bringing in more joy. We all have a space to fill, instead of filling it with stuff, try more light.

But be prepared to leave a door cracked to let out a little more darkness.

Focus on others, you go free.

Focus on how much love surrounds others - how loved they are, you go free.

Free to explore life, not be a traveler in a cage of your own making, waiting for someone else to come deliver you the key. You hold the key to your destiny. Look within.

The body mirrors back to you how it feels, check on her from time to time and prescribe a dose of self compassion.

All things are possible. All things can be healed.

Take a walk in the woods - explore. This is a time of release - its not easy but leads to renewal of the body mind and spirit. Your body is conscious and aware, breathing.

Treat yourself WELL. Restore your well of Well Being.

Always trust that all is well. Just keep living and experiencing as present as possible. Rest often. It's a time of release before expansion and transformation. You are safe.

Practice life GIVING thoughts, not life destroying. Be a life giver. Give yourself compassion and grace.

Your practice has become your number one tool. Keep coming to sit in spirit. Great is thy thankfulness for this life.

om shakti om

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