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Lessons from the Dreamworld

On the New Moon Solar Eclipse in 2023 I had a dream.

We were staying in a hotel. when we got there I looked out the window and it looked like a big dark storm was coming. it was so black and dark and the center channel was pitch black and looked like the beginning of a tornado.

We were panicking, what are we going to do?! deep fears came, old fears, a feeling I had had before. Then all of a sudden the fear stopped. I gained control. I gained composure. I saw a dear friend walking, I greeted her and we walked arm in arm down the hall. I felt so much love for her as my friend and I allowed my love to pour. She could feel it - when as before I was closed off. As we walked she said, " your different, how did that happen?"

I said, " different like I was sad before?" She said, "yes but now your not."

And I said, "I found God. I have joy in my heart. I experienced God and now I live in joy." I told her how great I felt and as I looked back the storm had dispersed and moved away. I said, "see, God is Good."

My guides brought me back to this dream and said there's more to learn.

They say, lets look at it a new way, from truth

The storm represented your own spiral of negative energy and fear about it. you saw and felt it coming. it was dark and you started to lose your grip again. you refocused on your friend and your love for her as a human being which represents your service work in this life. and you fearlessly expressed yourself in life by speaking your truth. you exclaimed joy in your heart. you turned back and the storm dispersed. YOU controlled the storm, the duration and the passing all by your MIND. Master the mind, master your life. the moment you felt fear but choose to focus on loving another the storm had no reason for existing and the sun returned. We choose what we keep going and what "dies"

We gave you this dream to show you how our choices can redirect us and heal us or keep us stuck. To really comprehend this truth is to take responsibitily for life and ones decisions but the moment you become an empowered being accept ones power and responsibility and choose truth a new world opens up. The sky clears and you reclaim your seat as the captain of your own ship.

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