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The Warrior

Channeled Message: May 2023

Connecting with the Egyptian Monk

Monk: your compassion serves you well sister. let me show you what I see. the loosening of many knots brought on by the influx of light into your 'system' or as we see it - your matrix. complex system of cells and light and bacterial cells all working together as a team to provide for you in the east way possible. how wonderful when the body announces - I SUSTAIN LIFE! now your thinking, what about those who suffer, who are ailing at this very moment. we say with all love and compassion, there is a way through! whatever you are experiencing in this moment can be traversed and loved into coherence.

remember the key to life. a healthy mind. resonance with all that is. observing not becoming. embodying not denying. growth THROUGH the ailments. not stagnant over thinking. thinking ends here. time to BE. time to call forth your ultimate highest self. become her. embody her. but more importantly - FEEL into that life. FEEL perfect health N O W.

me: how?

Monk: gratitude child. Great is thy thankfulness for this life.

Your learning at a condensed speed and what your learning goes against certain old heal beliefs from the ancestors - generations of past all held you. and it wasn't yours to hold. with the new key unlock all the knots and bring into existence the way. free of fear, free of unworthiness - confident, brave, allowing your spirit to shine.

one never knows what others had to endure that kept those patterns going. forgive them for they know 'knot.'

when we see in the light of awareness all may be forgiven. many are un aware and so how could they grow and expand. you were once unaware yourself and then your mind and heart blew open to receive God. and to receive your plan. blessed be. let the weak say


moving forward it is about mastery over the mind. what once dominated you can be the key to your freedom. treat it as such. compassion soothes the weary on the journey. keep showing yourself compassion. this is what the warrior does. keep your heart connected to your head.

Remember the way is through. to establish everything on a new foundation is to live freely while your here. graciously reclaim your life. liberate yourself from the 'game.' play your own way. with HIGH emotions this time. you went to the depths of the lower field, fear - anxiety. try the new way:

Thankfulness- I am thankful for my life

Bliss - I love what I do

Love- I love myself and others

when you agreed to come here - you knew all it entailed- you were brave. Move up and out of this old pattern.

(thinking about ancestral patterns) ITS NOBODY'S FAULT

Life is.

don't get caught up in an outside in view of life.

get excited and wonder from the inside out.

Remember the way and the way remembers you.

Stay true north.

we are one my friend.

Om neve shalom

(make of your mind an oasis of peace)

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