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4/14/20 12:22PM

I just had an amazing yoga where i safely felt all these shadows within my self - my humanness. O how i've ditched my humanity because i was afraid to address it or feel it. Feel IN it. I realized, Everybody is always showing us how to love. We are all truly always walking each other home. My shadows are definitely there but moving through them i surrender. I wave my white flag and ly down in the field. the flowers overcome me and i am lost in fragrance - the blooms of springtime envelop me in love. the light they ingested becomes me. no more fighting darling. the storm has come to pass. the humble flower remembers who i am and lays me down to rest. I see everything in me at all times as every possibility and i am humbled by this. saddened by the mistakes I've made out of unconsciousness , fear, or an egoic wound. I search for light in the darkness of my own shadows and find it in the awareness that darkness exists, has always existed and will always exist. (full moon <> new moon) the difference is i am aware of it and can make conscious choices from exactly where i am. One step, 2 steps, light is upon me. I awake refreshed and renewed. The sun after a storm beats even more brightly on the land, on us. as HUMAN beings. I forgive my self yet again. I am integrating my being ness with my humanness and it is in this way i flow. A vessel cannot be pure spirit or pure body it needs to encompass BOTH. this is why art is changing, relationships are shifting. You are learning child. The authentic nature is blooming from the flowers enveloping you on your own clean slate. your resurrection is at hand. a new flower blooms from the debris of your old self;  THE RESURRECTION UNDER MANGANESE VIOLET. 

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