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The Messenger

May 2024

For mothers day I wrote a channeled message for my mom from one of her spirit guides thats been coming through to me. It was such a beautiful message I wanted to share...

"When I walked the earth, and an eagle flew overhead we knew this was a message from spirit. The eagle brings wisdom and knowledge from the ancestral realms, and we pause and ask:

What is your message sacred eagle? And the eagle responds because we believe and are rooted in the knowing that all living creatures are connected and can therefore exchange knowledge with one another.

We don’t say much – we listen more.

Puts your hand with his hand and transfers a blue stone, lapis lazuli.

Third eye, intuition, awakening, wisdom – 7 sisters. Stone of the 7 sisters.

We are tethered together in a spiritual manner – trust in spirit - not mind – the mind can only take you so far, God goes everywhere.

Shed the old, a snake is your friend. A soul sister – when you see a snake, smile and wish her well. She easily sheds her skin when it gets too tight. Remember who you are before you were born - you sat with God and accepted your place with God. (chills)

Sometimes this life is hard, but spirit is strong. Remember calling to me in a field and I came to you and you felt safe. You are still safe now and always because this is who God is for us. I am stoic and kind and to you I feel like stability and a constant comfort. You navigate towards those who give you comfort and feel stable. Give your cares and worries to the wind, for the wind is God. Give your grief and sadness to the water, for the water is God.

And God takes care of all.

Step fully into the being you are. Without fear, with love.

Allow the light to shine on you and through you. You are water and I am rock. I am right here guiding you – little bee. Now Woman Bee. Step into it and all of it and bloom. Connect to what you know to be true and release all else to the divine. When you know  - you know.

The water will always be healing to you – so too the rock. Speak to me and I speak back- through the eagle, the bird, the feather, the spark of blue light. Just know and trust. Our connection is real. "

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