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Summon the Awakened One Within

Why Channel?

This piece speaks to our multi dimensional nature and our connection to the higher dimensions that are always available if we so choose to connect to them. It's more of an unlearning and a remembering, a true knowing. My journey with channeling began a few years ago after I had been through a traumatic birth with my daughter ( followed shortly after by an equally distressing miscarriage that led to a host of health issues. (

I was left feeling utterly broken, or as my dear friend told me,

broken open.

Those two words resonated so deeply within me and I decided it was finally time to go within. This painting shows my dad's buck knife cutting open the apple which represents the beginning of this journey. I am one that needs to processes events as they happen. I tend to loose myself completely in any grief process until I have lost any semblance of who I really am, only to reemerge as a brighter and more pure part of my shining soul. These deaths and rebirths have been a part of my unfolding journey for awhile now. Some may say, lifetimes.

In the broken openness, the only thing I could do was sit and meditate. So every day while my daughter took her nap I would sit in spirit and close my eyes and allow myself to look inside. The apple as a metaphor for healing shows one black seed. Ah, there's the poison. But it wasn't what I thought it was. The poison was the lie, the illusion I was still believing. That is all.

As I began to sit, I began to see. And I don't mean with my two eyes because they were closed. I began to see with my third eye, my intuition. And wow, it felt good to have my intuition back. I started to see where I had been running and running and hiding and hiding and skirting around my true life's work in order to stay afloat leading a 'normal' life others would find acceptable. And I cried and I sat. And this went on for a few years. And during these few years of meditating I began to channel.

“Channeling is the process of revealing information and energy not limited by our conventional notions of space and time that can appear receptive or expressive.”Or as I see it, to channel is to become a bridge from heaven to earth. Its like turning on a radio and tuning to a channel that feels like joy and peace and an endless library of incredibly helpful and loving information unfolding before you. The painting shows a black and red checkered part of the garment which represents the integration of darkness and light which was happening every day now. The other part of her outfit is an actual piece of textile used to represent the 3D world. They are opposite each other symbolizing moving from one life to the next. Each figure holds a lotus which represents growing through the mud and intuition coming online.

The figure on the left wears an orange scarf representing my need for creativity and art in this life. The figure on the right wears an indigio/white scarf representing a higher aspect of myself who is already awakened and tuning into me in this life to help me through. This was when The Egyptian Monk came through.

Shortly into my sitting in spirit I began sitting with this Monk. He was very high in spirit and came through with incredible one liners that I knew I couldn't have possibly come up with myself.

One liners like:

Make of your mind an oasis of peace.

Great, great, great is thy thankfulness for this life,


Death is not the absence of life, it is the presence of love with out form.

This monk reminded me to have the highest self compassion and self love for myself and after every session I was left feeling more like me and having healed more of the poison.

As I began to sit in his space I began to understand how multi dimensional we truly are. The gold leaf lotus coming out of our crowns represents a recognition that, I AM YOU AS YOU ARE ME, and that gold strand moves down through the spine turning into a red strand that moves through the feet that connects to the pure golden seed, the seed of spirit. You must extract the black seed within and allow the golden seed to remain. The clouds begin to part and a knowing appears. As I began to connect I began to heal and I realized this work that has worked to heal me was needed for others as well. So when I felt steady enough to get back to offering Reiki I decided to bring the channeling part into my practice as well. It was a natural progression and has been an incredible gift to the reiki itself. This painting to me shows the total integration of my life with both the art and the reiki and how they are all blending into the ONE.

It shows that I am always the teacher and always the student. It shows the grounded-ness and the expansion sitting in spirit brings. It was during meditation last week I heard the words SUMMON THE AWAKENED ONE WITHIN only to see that we all have an aspect of ourselves within that is already awakened, whole and complete and we can call upon that part of us to overcome what we may be going through in the moment. It shows what we are capable of because truly all things are possible.

It also helps to know that this 'work' is in fact very normal. A dear guide from afar, Lee Harris, has been doing this work for quite some time and shares his insights on channeling here which I highly recommend anyone watch if they are curious about what channeling actually is.

"In the silence between your heartbeat bides a summons. Do you hear it? Name it if you must, or leave it forever nameless, but why pretend it is not there?" RUMI

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