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Shri La

This summer we headed to the beach. The night before we left I had a flare up. I had been dealing with Lymes for years and the flare ups were pretty chronic but as my healing process progressed I would only experience them once every few months or so. A little back story: I now understand the spiritual aspect of a chronic dis-ease and choose not to identify with it. I understand why it happened and if I look at it from a higher perspective I can see now that I had to slow down enough to tap into my gifts and find out why I actually came here. When I finally found out I was dealing with this autoimmune condition I was coming out of two major traumas to my body and mind. One was the birth of my daughter where I had a near death experience giving birth to her and a year in a half later a miscarriage that was incredibly hard on my body and mind. These two experiences left me feeling completely broken and like my nervous system was shot. It's no wonder to me the diagnoses came during this time. I went into complete fear and grief for years and the only thing I could do was meditate every single day. It was a very long dark night of the soul. It was during the process of sitting in spirit, being quiet, really slowing down and starting to listen to that still small voice again that all my gifts opened up and I re-discovered my connection to channeling, healing and reiki in a new way and even my art changed. Trauma has a way of bringing us to our rock bottom only to fully propel us forward into the new. I felt like a baby being born again, learning to have faith, trust myself, and trust God.

After years of getting my body in balance I then tackled getting my mind in balance. I didn't realize how much control we actually have over our thoughts and our minds and how our minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy. So here I am, years into this healing journey and I have a flare up. We get to the beach and I have to go lay down before we even are able to walk to the beach. I go lay down in bed and I start to spiral. My thoughts were, 'another vacation where im just treading water, trying to make it through. here we go again, feeling like crap, trying to stay UP for my family. im dead weight, everyone would be better off with out me.' (if you've ever experienced lyme you know how this goes)

So im laying down and all of a sudden I see a yogi appear in front of me about three feet to my right. He was ancient and full of compassion and love and healing. He began to talk to my telepathically. He said, my name is Shri La________ and he joked that his last name had about 10 more letters but it really didn't matter what his name was, it just mattered that he was there. He told me he was there to give me a healing, did I accept? I felt relieved and said yes, I accept. He told me he was transmuting healing to me. There was a moment where I questioned but then whole heartedly I said, I believe this is really happening, I trust in this experience. He then told me he would be with me throughout the whole trip and that this wasn't even about physical healing, it was about mental healing. He went on to say that the more I focus on him and the energy he was emanating the less I will focus on the ailments and he will PROVE to me that we have more control than we think and that we can influence our own health with the power of our own thoughts. He was essentially teaching me that what we think about we bring about.

I went into a slumber for an hour. I wasn't asleep but I wasn't awake. I was aware of his healing energy at times. When I woke up, I felt good! We went to the beach and had a really great time. The whole week he was right there and any time I started to feel dizzy or an ailment he would call my attention to him. He would say, focus on me, not that. The amount of compassion surrounding him started to permeate me too. There was a time on the beach where he would send healing and instantly I was reminded of this painting above. It was literally the same scene that was happening. I called it "Plant Medicine" and painted it 2 years ago. He then said, you already painted this scene that's happening right now- you channeled paintings of your future in order to validate your current experiences when they happen. Essentially my beginning to channeling was through my artwork. My art work completely shifted after January 2020, during a penumbral lunar eclipse, the same moon I was born on. I was told by a psychic the reason I can SEE past lives, dreams, visions etc is because I was born on this moon.

The week went by and every day I concentrated on Shri La, fully. I couldn't believe how great our trip was. But more so it was like I was in school for a week learning how to use my mind to my benefit not my detriment. I realized that we can choose what we focus on even if it takes keeping a picture of someone we deeply love or carrying a stone or whatever it may be. I also realized we have so much more help from beyond the veil than we will probably ever know. We create our reality and God's divine intelligence is constantly flowing through us, sometimes we just need to get out of the way and allow it to flow. I now understand that ailments are only showing up to point to a lie we may still be believing in order to get to the truth. Essentially my journey through was about reclaiming the truth and uprooting the lie of abandonment. To get to the root of the root as Rumi says. Our bodies always want us to be healed and in balance and they are constantly speaking to us and working on our behalf. I never believed an autoimmune is the body attacking itself. That concept goes against any universal truth. Find the lie, uproot it and embrace the truth, life is always for us and we are one, we are not separate. As one of my guides says, Om Neve Shalom,

'Make of your mind an oasis of peace.'

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