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Life Review

May 2024

During meditation today I pulled the angel card Life Review. Immediately I remembered my dream from two nights ago. In the dream I was revisiting old woulds and was stuck in a cycle of deja vu but it wasn't something I wanted to be in anymore. The dream was very muddy and as I kept revisiting, the muddier it got.

Now im meditation and my main guide came to sit with me and I said, "take me through a life review."

He held my hand and walked me back through a line, a "through-line." Memories were on either side of the line and resurfaced as I got close. Taking me back to a time when I felt sick to my stomach a lot. I feared change. I held onto the past even though it was gone. I wanted things to be how they were and sometimes I associate change with grief.

To this day, when I feel I have to make a big decision, I feel sick to my stomach.

My guide than took me back to highschool when I originally felt sick. Every morning my stomach would turn and be upset until around noon. I was late for school every day because of this. My guide then told me: you were shutting down your innate true north in order to "fit in" and became one with THIS world - not OUR world. Jesus said, 'be in the world, but not of the world. You will never mesh with this world, thats not the point and not at all possible. Your goal is to 'come as you are' - to experience.

It's like going to France for a year- you don't speak the language, you don't know the customs, but you come as you are and make a splash as you in a foreign land.

Same with earth.

Instead, you compromised your true nature to TRY to become one with "france"

This = resistance.

Me: how do I best live here?

Guide: by being authentically you. be being here - knowing your rooted in pure love joy and harmony with God. God is your true home - you feel the difference, you KNOW. So you come as a guide, a traveler, a healer, a seer, a mystic- on a journey to be had.

Do NOT attach yourself to this world, you pass through sprinkling your magic wherever you go there by raising your vibration just by being you.

ACCEPTANCE + ALLOWING - yourself to be exactly who you are is the key.

Being solid in you - God within.

When you give it all up to fit into a spot that will never envelop you, your system fails to thrive.

God, and only God, envelops us.

Through and Through.

Don't judge, observe.

You come as a chord tethered to God to live and play and enjoy. Life is sacred because we experience it.

You also come to work but that doesn't necessarily mean a 9-5. It means, accepting ones lot in life, exploring different mediums, and expressing as who you are.

Its not so serious - but it is incredibly sacred.

Change the way you look at things and what you look at changes.

Me: What am I missing?

Guide: Curiosity. It was shut down at a young age although your daughter has brought that back out of you again. You must feel safe in order to be curious. Safety net = go explore, find out, see how it resonates with your own divine frequency and choose to use that as a healing tool for yourself and others.

Be authentically you. Don't apologize. Be confident.

And leave room for mistakes, messy-ness and joys.

Erase perfectionism - embrace authenticity.

Your art points the way home.

You are not failing, you are always learning. Life is experimental. Try one thing than another. That is the flow. Stagnancy = death.

Create from abundance, not lack. An artists worst enemy is lack. An artists best asset is tuning into the multi-dimensional nature of life to have infinite resources to draw from.

2 ends of the spectrum. You choose. You always choose.

Stress leads to dis-ease.

Peace leads to a tranquil inner state.

Remember what the Monk said, Om Neve Shalom - make of your mind an oasis of peace. This is your key


freedom from this world

and reconnection to your true home.

The mind muddys here if we let it, never with God.

If your mind is getting muddy,

step back

assess where your energy if flowing - where you are allowing it to flow. Thoughts create reality. can you afford to think that thought? if not - change it and move toward flow.

Life can be changed in one in breath >

and harnessed for good in one out breath <

ahhh, there you are back on line, back in the center of your circle. Back in the flow.

A lesson that is all.

I Am


Come as you are

Stay for awhile


Go home

I Am

Embrace not knowing

but trusting.

Talk to your body differently. Trust it.

You lost trust in it. Now that you trust God you can trust your body - the vehicle God made for our spirts to sit in. A Vessel - God makes a perfect vessel, we choose how we treat it, and how we speak to it and how we FEEL about it.

Now you understand, now you know better.

Anything can be changed in a breath.

Take this lesson and run with it.

Empower the body and the cells return the favor.

See yourself healed, whole and complete and in JOY

Om Neve Shalom

shakti om

om shakti om


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