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Mother Earth


As I started meditating today I was given the image of one of my Native American guides making herself small so she could enter my heart. I bowed down to her as she entered my heart and began to drum on the back of my heart sending waves out in all 4 directions and coming back clean. She's playing my heart like a drum - connecting the frequency to the earth and to the sky.

Connection - compassion - understanding

my heart starts to radiate out in all directions.

She's clearing my heart chakra, making room for more light.

Then she begins to speak:

"I am your mother, mother earth. our connection is strong now. You feel me in your bones. I shake out the old through ligaments, tendons and cells. We breathe as one now. I am not to be feared i am to be adorned. With your frequency while you are here you walk.

You saw me from the stars in a dream and my sphere made you smile. You were in awe.

I am not just a planet. I am a chakra spinning in space. I am frequency, I am light i am a container through which God pours thorough. I am not something to be conquered - I simply am -

to be enjoyed.

The rocks, they spoke to you first.

(The beginning of my channeling journey was in Colorado in 2017. I woke up from a dream where drums were leading me to Colorado. While we were there I sat on a rock in the middle of a stream - water running on both sides of me - and I dropped into a meditative state and began to channel. )

They are the ancients on this plane. (PLANE- dimensional)

They hold wisdom and knowledge they are not to be conquered, they are to be listened to. (tears)

My water carries the seed - the message of life to all. I am not to be contained - I am to be drank from with open palms - Thus connecting the earth soul to human sole (interesting i didn't meant to spell it that way but sole is a very healing drink)

I am earth - now let us live.

as one.

I need you to acknowledge my presence and connect with me - soul to soul. Like the great tree of life who lives within the earth and within all living beings we connect by acknowledging -


My heart beat beats with yours and so you are never alone. When you sing a new song. i sing with you.

I follow you home *

because you are so loved.

When the celestial wave of the cosmos carried you heavenly and you looked down at me your eyes gave a twinkle because you became a star staring back. My aura shines bright and I acknowledge you by my sacred offerings of all I make. Great is thy thankfulness for this life for this life is sacred and holy and true.

And as you move through - say a hello and I will wave back. And you will know that our hearts beat as one. Shalom dear friend, Shalom.

(While in Colorado this is what came through: we are all interwoven and come around again,

do not fear,

these rocks have been here forever

We are pilgrims just passing through, but this earth, is meant to be enjoyed, adored, it is sacred because we experience it...)

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