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Finding the Portal

I just did a kundalini yoga breathing session.

I was standing by a creek today and felt information coming to me. There are messages wanting to come through. Not wanting- they will come through either way, me or otherwise. If I choose to be open to these messages coming over the water they will come through me. No ego here, I see. They could just as easily be passed through another open channel.

Sparkling they arrive. At my door so to speak.

Spirit moves over the water. This is how I receive messages. Divine guidance.

I see my birth now as divine. Once I felt traumatized by it. But that was the illusion. The illusion was that a perfect birth was the only birth for me. Not so.

It happened perfectly and as ive come to find out, it was agreed upon before my arrival here on earth.

Everything went as planned. But I chose to see it going another way and so I cried. I wept night after night.

There is no way. But THE way. Its like the present moment. There is only one moment ever. There is only one way… ever.

And so to try to force something else is ludicrous. Everything does happen effortlessly when the way is presented. There is no struggling in the way.

Stepping into this channel the flow is great. The flow is steady. There are no blocks here, how could there be?

The way is what it is. That’s all it could ever be. To hope for something different to try to make it be different is keeping one on the wheel to nowhere. To eternal illusion.

I now see everything in my life as divine. Everything. Every single thing has unfolded the way it had to. For this is the way.

We all agree and we all forget that we agreed. There in lies the pain.

We think it should be another way.

When I surrendered, the way presented itself once again. Here I am! Lets play!

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle, only when your outside your circle does it become stale and uninspiring.

The way is always available. Acceptance of the now moment is freedom. Create from joy. This is the way.

A lotus opens one petal at a time.

Could u imagine if the inner petal tried to force its way out? The whole flower would become distorted. It would crumple up from the inside out. No petal would be straight, nothing would look natural. It would look like a struggle took place.

We need to allow our life to unfold one moment, one present moment, at a time. In this way the natural flow arrives exactly as planned.

Trusting in this flow is key, its crucial.

If we don’t trust it, we try to force another path.

The only path available is for the next petal to open in present time not one second before his fellow petal opens fully. There is no end to this cycle.

There is no stop go, it’s a flow. A beautiful movement that goes unnoticed to the naked eye or to anyone living in the past or future.

To see this happen one must be aware and observe the beauty of the natural flow. Every animal understands this. The birds fly south at the same time every year without out fail.

They don’t say, hey lets not fly south this year, lets stay in Canada. They go because there is an internal dialogue that guides them. The divine voice that speaks only the truth. They cant not listen.

We can tune back into our divine guidance at this time.

We are all here, to experience the divine at play. Play play play.

Enjoy the play, when we wake up from the dream we will see how this all plays out.

Until then, all is in alignment. All is well. You are free.

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