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I had reiki and during my session my third eye was cleared. It felt like a vortex funnel going through and bam it was cleared! when it cleared i saw a blue figure sitting in lotus position with all the chakras lit up and knew it was clear. it made me wonder if every chakra has a whole chakra system encoded within it. i think yes. every time rickie place her hands over me i said, " i love you" to every part of my being.. it was organic and happened naturally and i almost didnt even know i was doing it. it was genuine. toward the end Rickie was on my right and i saw my dad appear in a headdress. he stood to her right and his left had went through her left hand and they worked together. they put the left hand on my right shoulder and he took his right hand and began to pull a red string out of my belly button. as he did this, an energy that was below me started to rise up all at once and flood my being. the vibration was so high my body wanted to contain it, but it couldn't and tears were pushed out. it was truly amazing. the red string was down my legs and it came out. it un-blocked me. it felt old and no longer needed. as this was happening and before i started crying rickie said, 'woah kelly your energy is like sparks!' i said, " i just had an experience.' it was total overwhelming joy and gratitude. I could see her energy - it looked like cosmic stardust, purples, yellows, like the milky way. my energy was similar with lots of lights and whites and i realized two truths: 

1. i am a spirit having a human experience

2. we are all one 

our energy welled up and merged. before this happened i asked in my minds eye, is there anything i need to know? i heard, ' you are a  unique expression of the universe'

after meditating on this healing i realized that the old has been released. This old meridian couldn't survive in the love vibrating and had to go. Free! This is how this is now. This is how healing works. You are new light, bright! Love is all, share it, know it!

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