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The All Knowing Mother

I painted these after Poppy's Baptism and I knew they would be a pair and that they would show two visuals of unconditional love.

"All Knowing" was painted after a vision I had during a PLR where I saw Jesus in an open field surrounded by orbs. The orbs were the souls of babies being filled with endless love before entering the womb. The feeling in this 'place' was beyond anything I've ever felt. It felt like waves of love washing over me. But it was a feeling beyond love. An overwhelming sense of compassion, joy and bliss filled this whole universe. Even now I struggle to find the words.

"The Mother" was painted right after "All Knowing" as its companion. I didn't even try to match these up as far as the landscape goes or the blue of the low sky. Amazing how that works! Mary is holding her baby in her arms, resting on a rock under the stars. The brightest star hangs over head and symbolizes the star that appeared when Jesus was born. It is guiding them still. Baby Jesus has his hand over his mothers heart in a figure 8 of energy going round. She's sitting on a red rock under the mystical sky, the same red rock Jesus finds himself sitting on as time goes on filling these souls with unconditional love like he received from his own Mother. It is true we never truly understand the love of a mother for her child until, like my mom told me, you have a child of your own. The feeling takes me right back to the open field where there is nothing but endless love.

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