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11/11 Portal

(Channeled message written on 11/11/23)

What do I need to know?

See the new.

New, new new. The flow is always new. sometimes when were in the flow we may pause to look at a story, but we are simply yielding at that moment only to stay in the flow. Never let yourself down. The storm will pass. Don't go down with the ship, stay awake, believe in the unbelievable.

Gratitude, sit in spirit, play. be.

I came here to play the game. You are finding your power and it scares you a bit. smile. joy! Bliss.

Its not what you thought

Your joy lies with God

Nothing less.

In this life you came in as a reluctant seeker, afraid. learning to be confident and strong and brave. keep all doors open - all sacred holy doors connected to God open. it won't look how you think. it will just BE and by experience you will KNOW

This is the you recognizing the God self within and it's humble and kind and meek.

its the meek leading the meek.

stay busy - don't sink, peer into the unknown to create a stunning world and life around you.

Symbolically claim your birthright now dear one.


God I love you

I am all I am within you

May you breath and move through me with ease.

I am open to receive a miracle and to be a part of a miracle so long as it's safe happy and healthy.

Life is always for me, I live in complete wellbeing, perfect health and harmony, my mind is at peace. I make of my mind an oasis of peace because that is what God is.

I am here to teach you about the mind -

That is it not a scary place to be and that nothing controls you. That you will overcome every obstacle placed on your path.

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