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This may not look like a painting about pregnancy but thats what I love about conceptual art, everything has a story to tell. Pregnancy has been like a great wave washing over me - it starts from an eternity away and makes its way to the shoreline and in divine timing, washes over me with graceful force - cleansing, rebirthing, and refining me  like a soft rock, but I won't know the full affect the wave has on me until it births our babe and we stand on the shoreline together. And we watch the wave, the wave from eternity, recede back into its ocean home and disappear. Leaving us whole, stunned and drenched in sunlight! And we stand there in awe of life. This is the first self portrait ive done while pregnant. Most of my pregnancy I haven't felt the desire to paint but this piece called to me this morning and I finished it in a few hours. It literally poured out of me and left me feeling so connected to myself once again. I really needed to do this piece. As I was finishing it a song was on called, "Worship the Sun" and i thought it spoke to the story of this painting. So the title is, "Worship the Sun Within."

It shows me sitting on an orange chair, orange being the seat of creation, 2nd chakra, with blue jeans, a white stripped shirt and red boots; hair falling down. As I look at it i see some insights emerge. First, the red boots are grounding the flower pot which represents the womb, the plant is the babe and the watering can is the whole of creative energy -  so I am watering a new plant with all of creation! But these red boots are grounding, root chakra. I never really felt grounded on this earth until becoming pregnant and I know thats the babe's doing, she is grounding me. I spend so much time in my upper chakras to distract me from earth but the thing is, I AM here! on earth! so I shall be rooted while I am here. The floor is a woven basket in appearance and symbolizes the tapestry of life, ancestors, the thread continues. The hands disappear - one in my hair and one in the plant. This symbolizes one in my life and one in babes life, to show that I will always remain fully ME white also remaining fully yours! The rainbows are an ode to her spirit and room and the open sky, an open door, for all the potential she has, it's limitless. The yellow are all her guides and ancestors along the way. And I threw in the mandolin as an ode to my painting "Blowin in the Wind with my Mandolin" to show the connection once again to the gifts passed down from one generation to the next. Preparing the mandolin as a gift for this New Plant, this New Life. 

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