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I've been painting scenes of fields with a small house and woods in the background for some time now and as i worked on the piece above i realized exactly what i was painting. There is a field in lewisberry PA we always drive by and as we do we talk about how great it would be to have a house there. we'll drive by and say, 'o, thats our field!' and i figured out that these paintings are what it would FEEL like to live on this field, feelings of HOME. each painting evokes a certain calmness, a simple life.

this summer all the grandkids made a documentary of sorts about our grandfather. we had him sit in front of the camera and tell his life story which centers around baseball but the overall wisdom i gleaned from hearing him speak was the lightness that came from living a simple life. The times he grew up in were different. No tv, no phone. everyone listened to the radio at night and every single person had their own 'victory garden.' which was purely a garden for your own food needs and kids would get out of school early to tend to their victory garden. people walked everywhere and played outside until dark, they had a real sense of being one with nature and the earth. they were connected. its something id like to hold onto as i get older. a good reminder of our UNION to earth and God (love). we are all co creating our lives and while were here on earth lets have power WITH not power OVER, anyone or anything. a simple life carries much wisdom!

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