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Sitting in the sun I wonder many things but ground myself to few. why meditate? why have a practice?

One of my favorite verses has always been "to enjoy your work and accept your lot in life, this is indeed a gift from God."Eccl 5:19

the key to inner peace.

many things are changing as we speak, a new earth is very much upon us. to have a practice is to refine the way - to pass through the eye of the needle needs refinement. a knowing that we don't need anything externally to have anything at all. When I went through a purification -to clean the channel as it were, I came to understand peace in the body.

What transcends next is MIND. A practice such as meditation, yoga, reiki, is mind refinement. To be aware of thought - to take responsibility for thought is to purify the mind. Has anyone dare follow a thought as it leave their mind? As it travels through inner worlds it eventually meets up with parallel me and sends it right back! Ripple effect. And on and on and on.

So I say- I love you and here she comes right on back - love times love!

Awareness allows us to accept ones lot-ones life. Inner ((Mind)) peaches what id like to become. With clear eyes I can then see. My eyes always show everything and when my mind is at peace so too are my eyes. They are clear and sparkle, like Poppy's.

I closed my eyes on the sand at the ocean and was moved to peace by the sound of the pounding waves - the way the womb hushes a child to slumber. In the woods I closed my eyes and was moved to peace by the glistening sound of the leaves in the wind. Two totally different sounds, both having a tranquil - peaceful impression on me.

To be grounded as a clear channel requires a practice, a checking in. An invitation into the imagination is granted. To realized finally an artists with out restrictions (self imposed) I can paint WHATEVER I WANT! wow the door flies open and...

what is there to see now? E V E R Y T H I N G

This moment... its... E V E R Y T H I N G

Now I AM here so lets do this!

this is co creation. threading the divine tapestry through the divine itself.

There is nothing more to life when we are working together to create. To move. to flow.

Saying USE ME


its time - the time is now - if not now, when?

the manifesto manifesting sacred creations upon this earth. the connection has been made, we are the channel connecting heaven and earth. How divine, to accept this lot is a joy!

a divine invitation awaits us. what will we say?

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