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"The Healing Process"

Kelly M Curran

A channeled message when I asked: How can I best look at this healing situation?

Through the eyes of Jesus - the one who loves unconditionally non judgmentally and at all cost. How would Jesus see this? He would speak to your heart while looking you in the eye. Child of God come near. This has developed in your field but it can be healed and it is not you. You can never be destroyed. You may see this as destroying your life - look again.

The great destroyer seeks to bring new life. It asks that you call upon your deepest resilience that you do already have! To bring that out - to see this as a gift of healing - not destruction. This process has been long - but will not be forever - keep going - you will find people and remedies on your path who will guide you further.

There is no pity to be had, see the shining being you are becoming. Love yourself.

And its okay to be angry- but let it out!

And its okay to be sad- but let it out!

And its okay to feel broken- let it out.


Rest and receive.

You can do this. Call out and bring forth the mighty warrior within.

Conquer this with love. Love the fear and know there are tools not yet uncovered. Expand your awareness of this healing journey.

This is the hero's journey on the healing path. Open a NEW door. Try modalities- its about what resonates with you and to know what resonates with you - you have to be in awareness - tuned into your body and your SELF.

You KNOW. You know what works and what doesn't. Be your own friend, guru, hero, bring the highest energy down into your crown.

You have been through a lot and now your recalibrating. Have faith- be as one.

Remember the magical moments of life that defy logic. It's important you keep creating. Don't get lost in it - find your deepest power within and respond from there. Its ok. your growing! and it hurts . your life has ben filled with love and hurts and sacredness.

Love and fear. This is your school of life where you become the teacher.

Keep going! Its worth it and you are worthy of this life.

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