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The Art and Nature of Living on the Earth

Channeled message June 2022

The art and nature of living on the earth embodied, spirit full.

By remembering your state of being while here it allows you to be in the spirit flow and not the fearful ego. This is perhaps the best way to say it, with a story - a parable.

A young man walks along.

He doesn't remember where he came from or where he is going. - He just knows he must survive - this place feels unsafe and lonely.

He meets a magician on the path - full of wonder and life, vitality.

Do you know who I am? asks the magician with a smile.

I do not. replies the man - Should I?

That depends, said the magician, do you want to?

I do, says the man, tell me who you are.

I am you - in highest form. I am you with all your gifts and all the bells and whistles you came here with.

I am you in your highest state - stopping to remind you who you are. You forgot upon arrival.

Don't give into this life. Don't settle and give yourself away.

Bloom here - in all of your living glory. Root yourself while your here.

Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the thunder and the rain.

Tap into your gifts, they are all within. Do not be afraid of life. Life is for the living.

Understand that at your core your spirit is bright and can never be destroyed.

I appear to you as a magician to dispel the myth that you are anything other than Holy. As the Holy ones once came to let this message be heard.

Let us remember - clear away the smoke, start living - experiencing. Getting to it.

Your own life awaits your presence in it. Call on me anytime- we are one.

- This painting is about my higher self appearing to me as im fading away on the earth watching my life pass me by. Its shows the moment the spirit enfolds me, returns to me, where I remember who I am and why I am here and we morph back into one. All it took was remembering it was there in the first place. The magic never left, I was simply in the chrysalis awaiting my rebirth.

As a healer my job is to stand beside you and point the way back to your home where you have all the answers and knowledge - your own inner magician, where all the magic you were born with is there waiting to be uncovered and remembered. Its there like a treasure awaiting your arrival.

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