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The Apple

Channeled Message November 2023

Connecting with Shri La

"Do you know how I came to find my inner peace?

by eating an apple and tasting it fully, by eating an apple and knowing it fully. we are one.

all of life is a choice to either be here fully in the presence of the one holy moment or to be elsewhere - lost in the tidal wave of thought.

you'll find your body responds most fully to the presence of the sacred holy moment because she can 'rest and digest.'

when you arrive empty of self, you arrive full of spirit.

I am here to teach you about the mind.

I arrive on a leaf because although the mud is below me I don't "mess with the mud"

I don't allow the mud to make me into a monster or someone I am simply not.

raise your vibration high. Remember what the monks say, we cannot escape the mud while we are here. it is a part of living on earth - so what can we do? conquer the mind in a way that brings great joy and contentment. you see I was once being tossed by the wave, until I deeply wanted to understand how to attain inner peace. my teacher brought me an apple and with out even realizing it, I was ready- to go deeper - to learn to understand truths.

Now everything is my teacher.

the apple represents anything placed on your path, even yes, dis-ease. use it as a tool for enlightenment. If you see everything that comes along as an apple and not a sickness you will begin to heal at a faster pace because your not attached to fear. apples are joyful creations. maybe the apple comes to clear you out for some new delight as Rumi says, not as a grenade coming to destroy you, feel how that feels in your body. Night and day.

I place my hands on your heart - there, a return to joy.

a return to love, compassion, holiness.

I hand you an apple. see what's all there. what does it taste like? what's encoded in the glucose? what is it trying to tell you? the seeds contain grand mysteries of the universe, the skin contains red sacred geometry, the pectin, undiscovered gifts, given freely to you to thrive. Allow it to clean you out, to develop the tools to utilize this new information . you were given an apple. what are you going to do with it?

if we try to throw it out, it rots in an unknown place. If we try to give it to another it causes great confusion. if we wrestle with it, it makes us sick.

But if we can muster up the courage to sit with it and see it for what it is, with out fear, but with all knowing and say, thank you, I will receive all the knowledge and wisdom you bring, the apple disappears. Golden light becomes you and you move on. there is no victim here, only truth and knowledge to be uncovered. So child, what resides within your apple?

Strength of spirit.

spiritual understanding

self love and self compassion

your path opens up with wondrous gifts and what does the apple remove?

toxins from the body, lies and mis-understandings so you may see the truth and return to a deep faith and trust in life and in God.



don't see the false fear of dis-ease. change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Shift your true north. this is how you heal and find true inner peace, free from anxiety.

You can walk through this life any way you choose. Extract the gold from the venom and L I V E

Distill your own life down to truth.

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