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"Sitting through the Storm"

When we sit, we refine.

our natural tendency is to go- to 'deal with it later' 10 years go by and refinement has yet to take place. everyone sits on this earth where the weather moves on its own natural rhythms.

Nobody experiences all sun or storm.

but to sit, to walk THROUGH - to SEE - to go internal,

one will see the blessing in the storm. Life always finds a way to present you the path.

to slow down in all the chaos. to sit in the eye of the storm to allow it to clear your vessel - internal and external - to allow chaos and destruction to allow shiva to go to work on you - to create you own rebirth.

When the storm passes and you find yourself seated in lotus fully aware, surrendered, fully embodied, serene, peaceful, having allowed the storm to knock at your door and invite the storm in, is a choice.

and it creates faith in the process

and it creates strength of spirit

and it creates a new earth

because it destroys fear

it destroys illusion

it destroys everything you had a hard time releasing yourself.

when the storm passes you see your connected to a channel of light-

you see your own unique vibratory colors you brought to this earth - you see your gifts that were once covered by all the 'things' the storm took away.

you find your space on this earth sitting in lotus ready to finally be of service.

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