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Sitting in Spirit

Channeled Message June 2023

Monk: (showing me this painting I did last year, bringing it to my attention)

This is you now, throwing off the old. Lets let that all go.

Me: (going back in my mind about sadness - Monk saying, you need not go there)

Monk: you need not remember sadness to let go of sadness. remember your multi dimensional nature. you are a matrix - a pixel of light and vibration spiraling in space - think of your SELF (soul and body) that way - trillions of cells spiraling in 'space'

where are you really?

in the here and now

think of healing differently and heal differently.

your body wants freedom to move and play - period.

not tension, regret, anger and self punishment. No thank you says the cellular body structure.

Clear you the old bring forth the new - but really your bringing forth the oldest of the old gifts - magic. a sacred holy box of TREASURE. IT was buried under stress. you have seen this first hand. Thank God! because of your path as a healer you have experienced this in your own being how stress exasperates any and all illness and dis-ease. Go for the treasure instead of the old sock.

The old sock smells - its been worn - why put it back on your clean feet? it would repulse you to do so and yet we do this through our own mind power day in and day out. we put on old clothes because we think it will comfort us - because we think its comfort we seek. its NEW experiences we seek - spiral, flow, ebb and flow, move shake it out, let it HAIL - hail will surly shake off dead debris.

do not accumulate- transmute.

And so the experiences that caused stress caused an imbalance to your central nervous system as a whole.

When the mind cleanses and recalibrate

so too the body

and soul is revealed.

you are learning!

remember old thoughts like old socks

damp, wet, smelly, dirty

and you will never try them on again.

parables create new neural pathways because they make you imagine life differently. the great Teacher taught this way. all of life learns best by story telling. Tell Poppy stories often - about life - she will learn lessons on deep level because she will recognize the truth.

And if the old memories are old socks...

New experiences that create new memories are a crystal clear waterfall creating a rainbow over a pristine lush mountain.

Think of the difference! Think of the possibility awaiting you in the now - and the death of the old. And when you choose to remember someone or think of the past-


and smile

at him and say thank you

I am alive now

I am free now

I am thankful NOW

and carry yourself in this world as though you stand in the waterfall - rainbow overhead, feet on lush green at all times.

After your bare feet touch pristine earth you'd never choose to put on a dirty socks again. The truth of life is in the present moment and we miss out on life if we live elsewhere.

That is why having a practice is KEY. it calls you home after you stray and reminds you of who you are and reconnects you to the ONE relationship that needs tending - the relationship with God. All else flows from that. Think of God as the rainbow over the waterfall. The rainbow is the sign that God is - the great creator and you are a part of God. You are color, vibration. You are a rainbow and all things are possible.

(A song just came to me where Bob Marley says, "... I'm a rainbow too")

Now lets get HERE

When the mind is in unrest it's hard to see the truth. See only love.

Me: how can I connect more fully to God?

Monk: by knowing in your heart God is all and all flows from the God Source - then connect your SELF to God and say thank you God you gave me life I am thankful for my life.

Om Neve Shalom

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