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Sirius Gateway July 4-5th 2022

Channeled Message 7/22

The topic for this channeled message was on inner power and how it relates to our world.

Your power is your innate trust in the universal laws of life - a knowing - a sureness, with out doubt. Here there is no sacrifice because sacrificial living is to trade our comfort - for something to be gained, something has to be lost. This is primal, primitive - an ancestral trait passed down if you will. But if you tune into the innate wisdom of God nature, everything has a rhythm, a season, a knowledge - a power to be had. We see things not as they are, but through our limited lens. This Sirius portal allows us to open up and see with clear vision from the third eye, not our veiled two eyes. And what do we see? A life worth living - worth exploring - worth entering into with our internal power. When our minds eye is open - grace provides the cushion to explore this place of existence - one of many. Your past reincarnations are like beads on a string. The beads evolve as they go but the string remains the same. And each life is a cosmic footprint on the universal tapestry of life. All come with sacred gifts and their own knowledge and set of tools. Why look back? To gain a sense of where we've been and what we learned. For example your current life you are learning and re-learning simple and complex lessons -patience, trust, understanding, faith, love over fear, strength of spirit, how to call and re-ignite ones power back into the sacred temple. This all takes a lifetime of unlearning, and knowing and a trust in God to accomplish.You came into this life as a seed, pure in spirit, tender, gentle, unafraid. And along the way - unknowing because the way. We no longer know who we really are. Its like a candle that burns slowing down - you start out strong and in fullness of power and burn slowly - Until one day you catch what's happening- you become the observer of your life. You awaken to the truth, your third eye opens and you can really SEE. And so you call your spirit back in - you give life to your own life and you burn so as not to diminish but to grow, to expand, to light the candles around you. This is the way. We all forget, but we can all remember. To sit in spirit and see what we see is the greatest tool to achieve this. It elevates the chemistry in the body -the cells come alive, how could they not? Truth reveals herself once again. Slow down - wherever you are. Walk slowly on this earth. listen to her wise teachings. remember who you are and why you choose to come here to experience this earth. Knock on the door of life and see who answers. You may find your own eyes staring back at you when the door opens. Don't look away. Ask questions, stay curious, leave your mind at your feet and let your heart do the talking. Hold your own gaze for a long while until everything disappears into nothingness and there you'll find God. And then nothing becomes everything and you stand in presence. This moment, its everything and nothing and filled with love.

Come to sit, and you will find the meaning of life has been hidden within. Come to the center of the circle, see with new eyes all you've forgotten - waiting to be remembered. Its all in there. Right Here.

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