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After yoga/self reiki i was feeling re connected and asked Mother Earth, what can i do for you to feel safe? 

I see an image that it starts from within each human BEING. The purification from within to get clarity on all the inner truths. I see this morph into a painting of three parts, a scarab beetle to represent the temple, all hidden within our temple. Emerald green shell - within is the holy light. Golden light. Our spirit within the temple. Start to purify the inner body and the rest takes care of itself. This goes for everything on earth. Earth is constantly purifying at its core. we too must keep the inner flame lit, do not let it go dim, we do this by being aware, alive, connected, yoga, reiki, nature, the PRACTICE. the practice is the way. always within. everything is inside the temple. burn away the illusion to see the truth revealed. all light. 

the scarab beetle means "God of Insects" rebirth, resurrection, heavenly cycle, regeneration. 

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