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Remember Who You Are

Channeled Message 11/18/22

Run run run - that is the old habit. You don't reward yourself in mindless running - but by graciously lying down your armor to rest awhile, to undo, to unwind, to heal.

The old patterns show up to remind you of your new growth, not to be stepped back into.

A lesson that is all.

You fear that if you stop, your emotions will eat you alive. Not so. running enables emotions to hang around because they are not being dealt with. - they aren't being showered in love, so they wait and grow and cheer you on as your running and you grow weary.

Stop. settle. allow. accept the moment as is and watch the storm pass.

We've had to slow you down.

A slower pace suites you because it allows the medicine of divine grace to soothe all wounds, to repair any damage - to quell all fear, depression, anxiety and yes even rage.

There is never anything to do.

There is always everything to BE.

the choice is yours.

Everything you truly need is right here - awaiting your arrival in the here and now.

Don't look for it outside.

Some days we are in a cloud.

Anger was the cloud today.

She showed up to say its ok, its all going to be ok. look me in the eye and see me for who I am. something that wants loved, sung to, my back rubbed. sometimes we just can't do that ourselves. its okay to ask. to ask for help. to say what you need is an act of service your love has yet to provide, that is all.

Accept the storm, allow the storm, and then allow the storm to pass and allow the rainbow to hang out over head and to shower you with love.

You are a divine being walking the earth. In this moment, all is well.

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