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The knot in the wood brings this piece to life and is also very symbolic of the 'knots' we have in our mind. I absolutely love how this piece turned out because of the knot. i didnt want to over do it so i sanded down the wood and stained the knot only to really bring it out and then began to create after the knot was how i wanted it to look. i love how it looks almost like an onion peeling and like it really is shedding and burning away. The figure looks like she's really concentrating but also peaceful, meditative, ALLOWING the mind to purify. she's in the process. Her outfit is white because she's returning to a pure state. the triangles are the thoughts that have now become emotions, rising up and out into the 'fire' and the two large geometric patterns on her shirt represent the conscious and subconscious mind. All is being purified. The inspiration came from a meditation where i asked about how to purify the mind. 'All suffering is in the mind and if you can purify that 'space' that 'knot' the cleaner and clearer it becomes.

Purify the mind

and you shall find

all you need within

Yoga, deep breaths, energy work, = keys to healing the mind

essential oils: thyme, rosemary and sage

Pungent herbs rid the mind of toxins and Rosemary is especially powerful. Helps to rid the mind of negative and low vibration thoughts. 

After doing this piece a friend of mine sent me this article about Mary, the Undoer of Knots (something i had never heard of) which i found to be a really beautiful and validating connection to this piece: 

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