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There came a time, last year, that i went looking for a sign and i found it. I was having a moment of who am i? who am i as an artist? what does this all mean? (i'm learning through meditation that sometimes we dont need to know and if we can get still for a moment we may even realize, it doesn't really matter anyway.) But at this time i did need some reassurance that i was on the right path. I went digging through old spiritual info I had gathered during all my years preparing and moving through the reiki process.  I knew exactly where to look, somehow, and just as I was about to end my search I found among all the papers, a magazine article from my dear friend Kitty.

Side note about Kitty: She had recently passed, at an old age, she had lived an amazing life and was the wife of an artist. she was also my old neighbor, a devout christian, and someone i very much admired. She even wrote a book about her life. 

She must have sent me this article over 10 years ago and I decided to hang on to it.  i must admit i dont remember getting it then as it probably wasnt meant for me at that time, but it was definitely meant for me now.  But the real reason this was a true sign was because it spoke right to my heart. Kitty had wrote her own words on this article and highlighted certain parts just for me. 

​She wrote: Kelly, you are truly - the artist! - Love kitty.

She went on to highlight these passages: '

'To be human is to be creative, just like our Creator. But how we respond to this gift determines whether our art reflects Him.'  

'Art is the ordering of the becoming creation. It is the divine image within every human being.' 

'Art is the imprint of our humanity on the created order - the echo of the divine image etched...' 

'This is part of why the artist must be rooted in love.' 

'She understand that all creative endeavor is holy, but she doesn't dwell on it. She knows if she thinks about that too much, it will paralyze her. So she concentrates on technique.' 

'Our art is holy.' 

needless to say it really spoke to me and its something i return to and re-read time and time again for inspiration. Its easy to forget what we are doing in this life. Its easy to get caught up in routine. Sometimes getting off balance, gets us back in balance.

'There is something. Something that keeps pulling. Drawing us like a magnet toward becoming. GOD.'

​Thank you kitty! This sign reminded me that we all have angels watching over us, some of them, old neighbors!

The article was called Let There Be by Michael Gungor 

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