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))) Channeling from early November 2019 ((( 

Life and all who live it are glorious wonder workers on the trail of love and light. all have a plan to fulfill and do so when the connection is kept, tight to the heart. it truly is like soul amnesia but we find our way back home through that thread of connection under the blanket of thought - guides are guides in so far as they lead you from something to something, hint hint, its all within kid! they are never leading you to anything but your heart, the cave, the mystery lies there in. within. and through the heart you emerge like a setting sun, a blaze. think back to when you were a child, you were free, un-afraid. that is heart centered living. its never left us, it glows like an ember waiting to be stoked. by what you might ask? by I AM. blue is the color of the fire closest to the wood. its the hottest, burning very bright and slow, it is the last hoorah! purifying ego and everything in its path. see through to the eye of the needle, drop all your baggage and go through. kneel down, humble yourself, lay down your bed and walk. carry your spirit through. a new world is waiting- for you are of limitless potential and possibility. dont look back, keep looking ahead... right into presence. love- the highest vibration. Treat your life as sacred as it is holy, as it is grand and magnificent -  not like some dump you could care less about. transcend the waves of the ego and steep into the tea of the soul, the golden elixir of life. 

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