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Nebulosa Transición

This painting cleared me out and was painted the day before I had a dream about a Blue Planet. In the dream I was out in space looking at a beautiful glowing blue sphere with white clouds around it. There was no green on the planet and a voice from about 3 feet to my right said, "Blue Planet"

Next I heard the same voice say, "Nebulosa Transicion" and that I needed to write it down, that it was important.

Upon waking I started researching nebulas and how that's related to the blue planet and transition. Nebulas are the birthplace for a new star. they are also cosmic gas clouds in space. Was I seeing a new star being born?

Upon meditating some things came through...

"What you saw dictates a new star being born, its genesis. becoming its own planet. most still don't understand this process.

Me: How do I know?

"All information is in the field and able to be accessed at any time.

The blue planet is stationing in its place in the cosmos, its "true Home" "Were showing you the information in dreams and visions so you can see the whole picture, its like a puzzle being put together so you can understand the truth of it all. Understanding galactic roots more. Its where you can extrapolate from. There is vast wisdom and knowledge when you know the origin of your soul family - you fly. your healing work has a direct root. coming in more and more as pituitary heals and comes into balance. Its about reaching a place that's beyond what you know and it will be so rooted in you that you become embodied by that wisdom and knowledge and it will be tucked away as a part of who you are - therefore you won't be TRYING - it will all be there ready to be "tapped" Get out side, believe in your own divine healing and your will to live and move and be as a Part of God and this becomes your service work in this life.

This painting came after the dream.

I was thinking about how many of us, myself included, have been in a sort of hibernation the past few years. Gathering up our soul, tying up loose ends, figuring out more of what we want to do in this life. I always see it as being in a metaphysical cave. This channeling came from that visual...

"Your hibernation has been for glorious reasons. You will have periods of rest and receive and offering your work. this is life and it won't always be this hard.

You are in the cave of your own soul turning on the light of God

Trusting in God, renewing your faith, trusting in you trusting in God.

This is how you glow.

Patience understanding, PRACTICE, sitting in spirit.

Become the maker of dreams, blow through the roof to TRANSCEND>

The Nebula is in the chrysalis

being born - a new star is born in the nebula

a new life forms within the chrysalis

nature >< universe same same

as above so below

we all unfold accordingly


the great unknown contains all possibilities

everything is possible

nothing is withheld

what does it feel like to be born, what is your genesis?

pure joy, bliss

(im reminded of a dream I had over 10 years ago where before I went to bed I asked who I am. in the dream I was walking along and saw a cloud morphing over a bed of water. the cloud was moving and weaving in and out and it made me smile. I realized that was my spirit moving over the water. the spirit that fills this human vessel in this life. the spirit that's one with God. I woke up laughing out loud from my dream. I remember feeling bliss at who I truly am. Who we all truly are. )

now that im tuning into this dream, maybe the nebula represents the womb of God and how we are all birthed into being through light and sound. And we all go through many re-births in this one life. Maybe the cave is the chrysalis of transformation into the New.

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1 Comment

Sep 22, 2023

This brings me SO much joy 💛

Thank you for sharing, once again 🥰

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