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I used a whole tube of deep magenta to paint this. After feeling off I painted to re center myself. 

The whole canvas was painted in deep magenta.

i etched in the figure of Mother and Child 

i added to with paint

​to symbolize all of oneself is consumed up by motherhood. all of oneself spread across, no border, no boundary - all one. Mother and Child cut from the same 'tube of paint' and spread out across the canvas only after they were ONE


the magenta canvas = the womb

the painted figures = birth and life

all in one piece

an elegant holding of oneself. 

the hand of the mother is outside the canvas to suggest a reaching for balance, knowing she'll need to bring it back in for TOTAL balance.  But she'll try and she'll exhaust all of her tools until she fully relies on her deep inner wisdom contained in the egg of her great great great grandmothers grandmother. 

the code thats always been. so she exhausts  herself in oblivion until she breaks and remembers whats real and whats not. a smile graces her face in remembrance, in acceptance. 

and the deep magenta breaths a heavy but beautifully peaceful breath. 

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