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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This is Boulder CO, I sat on a rock in the middle of this stream. I watched matt fish. I connected with my dad, my Guru, and many other guides and got present. And i wrote what came to me.... 

'I brought you here to show you were we've been. Our bond.      Trust.      That I am always with you. Your heart is healing right now. You feel it, its warm. 

We are all interwoven and come around again. Do not fear, these rocks have been here forever.  I'm quite sure i dont need it anymore. i am but a pebble. the earth is so vast. we are pilgrims just passing through. but this earth, is meant to be enjoyed, adored, its sacred because we experience it.  The wind blows the cleanest air my lungs have ever received. I am so deeply loved. The sun is on my face. i am everywhere.      this moment - its everything. now let me get there....

What am i here for?


discover yourself

your inner workings

what does this trip symbolize?

sacred power

spiritual growth

inner knowing

simply beauty, in its pure natural form.

Just like the water you are carving your own unique path right through hard rock. 

​My dreams became present at the red rocks with a feeling of such knowing - i've been here before and i'll be back in a new way, a new life. What i've come to learn is we are all existing here and now, ever present. and we have access at all times in ways unique to each individual, we each have a unique way of existing, to the best of our own inner knowledge. Its really very simple. We don't need anything we weren't born with or God given. 








presence with God

its all in here



our selves, the treasure, its here  -  Now

we need only be quiet and look within

sit with ourselves and be

love of ourselves love one another

I want to use my hands and heart, to trust and know. to remind  myself of all my wonderful magical pure experiences. And so we say, AMEN'  - excerpt from my journal on this trip

Needless to say, Boulder CO was a magical trip and I go back to it time and time again for inspiration. 

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