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I'm currently almost 6 months pregnant and this pregnancy has brought up so many different feels and emotions. At the same time, i've never felt more peaceful, grounded and loved in my whole life. I feel so free of anxiety and totally rooted. This babe has brought me back to love time and time again. I wonder about the anxiety and have always felt part of being an artist in this life comes with having many feelings. I've been called an empath, an indigio, sensitive, shy, introvert, calm all the while managing deep feelings within. And i've chosen to channel those feelings out through art. It is in the act of creating where thoughts cease and i become present, alive, free. And it fascinates me that being pregnant has brought me very much into the present moment as well. This is the biggest act of creation I may ever be apart of and i'm embracing it! i know it is temporary. 9 Months seemed slow in the beginning but now time is flying by. I think about meeting our little girl, Poppy James, and looking her in the eyes. I know we will recognize each other and love will be all that there is. Theconnectionwas made an eternity ago

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