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Magical Chime Dream Catchers

These Chimes were inspired by a beautiful thing that happened. I was invited to an Angel Circle hosted by Annemarie Heckert, (check her out at:

I received a reading from her and she asked me about the Chimes.

Every day we walk Poppy down the street to our neighbors and she plays with the chimes in our neighbors tree. She gets so much joy out of this and I couldn't believe Annemarie picked up on it! She then was connecting to my dad who wanted me to make a chime for Poppy, also very insightful because my dad was all about making crafts and we had "craft day" growing up. So I sketched out some ideas and created what I felt was a very magical and joyful creation. I am really happy with how these turned out, they bring a lot of bright energy into any space!

These angel readings always remind me that we are all connected. Our ancestors are always with us, inspiring us and helping us along the way. They celebrate with our joy and want us to expand on the joy we experience in life. My whole perspective has shifted since I was younger. I no longer feel that we are "apart" from our loved ones who have crossed over but feel we are very much connected. The veil is thin and love is all around.

Peace be with you!

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