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Letting God In

Channeled message June 2023

Monk: Clear your table and fill your only cup with God and see how your next meal looks.




Put all your eggs in the basket God holds and see your blessings multiply.

Letting go.

Let go of tension in the body. Let it all go child. Let God take over from here on out. Do not fear your life. Love it. Embrace it - and call your spirit forth while in it. Accept the absurdity of life and all it's shortcomings but equally accept the truth of God.

Me: can you give me a checklist to keep me true north?

Monk: Wake up - Thank God.

Take a deep breath- Thank God.

Look up - Thank God

Look down - Thank God

Hands in Prayer - Thank God

live + move + play- Thank God

Go to sleep - Thank God

This is the path to holiness


we are not whole when we deny Gods light in our life. Start with unwavering devotion to the divine.

keep looking IN to God.

Your path will even out with the love and compassion God shines on you. God's hand is always held out to us, we must return the favor and reach out ours to Meet God's.

(thinking of the famous Michelangelo painting)

Accept life for all it is and accept God for the truth God is. You've tried your way, lets try it God's way.

The floor will not give way from under your feet when the floor is God herself. There is no end to God

So let go

You have nothing to lose

except all fear

Om Neve Shalom

(reminded of a Thich Nhat Hanh quote from one of my favorite books: Living Buddha Living Christ: "If the wave knows that its ground of being Is water it overcomes all fear and sorrow. The moment the monk surrenders his entire being to God as the ground of being all of his fears banish." )

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