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I am you as you are me

channeled message May 2023

See this whole journey as the refinement of your soul - rock to pebble.

all washes over. were not 'killing off' the edges were refining with light and love.

you've healed much anger already. did you see how the people who angered you the most were guides to point to the amount of anger still within. they showed up to say - hey you should really work to heal that inner strife because if you don't, it will work to keep you dim. every single person is a teacher. every single act of life is a miracle or a miracle in the making. do you see now how birth and death are one and the same. form to no form - no form to form. we are just passing through in 'one form or another.' haha!

this is life school teaching you, across dimensions now. what you learn will greatly transform and improve your life. look how far you've come already.

we cannot judge another for showing us the pain in ourselves. say thank you and sit in spirit to release - to transmute - to alchemize. we are so judgmental we think - we could never. how many lives are you willing to see of how you acted? most are unwilling to see their own shadow in this life alone. the moment you can see the absolute worst of yourself - and smile, you've won the game. to take a step back and laugh - ah! the great cosmic joke was playing you! now become the observer and take your place and play how you want to play.

we are not separate from God and God is not separate from you. we just forget were all a part of the grand central SUN.

remember your goodness - your graciousness - your humble uniqueness and smile while you play. We are simply looking into one anothers eyes looking back at ourselves. we are one.


and remember the secret to life, a healthy mind. make of your mind an oasis of peace.

om neve shalom.

* I wrote this on our temple porch after a very interesting morning. It was one of those mornings that was highly charged and I couldn't seem to ground myself. I was on the verge of tears over many things I considered to be important. I had a reiki client coming and felt like maybe I should cancel. Who am I to be in a position of healing when I was in need myself? and then I heard... who am I not to do this work? I kept hearing my guides nudging me forward. do the session they said and you will receive healing TOO.

So shortly into the session I found myself deeply relaxing and in the flow. My breathing changed and there I was- centered again. I was just off center- that was all. I saw tree branches shaking over the client saying - debris is being washed from her soul. I could see my guides working over her and me at the same time. At one point I completely stepped aside so my main guide would work through me. I felt bliss and grounded all in one. I realized deeply that the only work that matters is the work of our soul and we must push through and do what we came there to do, because it will heal us both. I thanked my client after the session and told her that her session completely shifted my day as well and I could feel it was only going to get better after that. this message came through after our session and I felt the importance to share. These channeled messages have been incredibly helpful to me on my own personal journey and I hope you enjoy as well! Om Neve shalom.

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Beautiful, Kelly!! So grateful our paths crossed all those years ago🙏💜

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