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My church was always in walking distance. I loved hearing the church bells every day. It was very soothing to me. I grew up in sunday school but never really learning about angels and mary or saints. It was more memorizing the books of the bible. But at home I was having experiences with angels and seeing their lights around me. When i was a kid i had an experience at the ocean when a wave took me down and i saw my guardian angel guide me back to shore. When in times of trouble i would hear very clearly a whisper in my ear, "all is well, its going to be ok." but we never talked about these things in church and i never spoke them to anyone else. I think i did once and my friend didnt understand and that was it for talking about my angel experiences! but i loved the music in church. The music always got me, and the words. there was a pastor who really brought God down to earth and made me 'see the light' it in it all. His sermons are some that took me down deep and when i resurfaced i felt i had gained some wisdom i didnt have before. As I got older, i went to church as i felt called. And i did get called to go. This happened on sunday morning a few years ago. I HAD to get out of bed and go to church. I just made it and the sermon seemed to be spoken for me, on that day, in that moment. The story was about a fish that jumped out of water. A man came and saw the fish was now on land. the Preacher said, "what do you do when you find a fish out of water?" and he went on to say this man decided to teach the fish to climb a tree. The fish then spent the rest of his life thinking he was dumb. What are you supposed to do, place the fish back in the sea, in his home where he does was he does naturally. He will then spend his life knowing and accepting his lot in life and really loving his life. I was moved by this. it has always been hard for me to accept what i do in this life, although at 30 i feel i had finally done so. I am an artist and i really do love being an artist in this life.But thats  not the end of the story. There was another reason I had to get up and out of bed and on my way that morning. After church was out I walked across the street to get a coffee to sit and write about the sermon. There was a record playing in the coffee shop (Little Amps, in Harrisburg) and i absolutely LOVED the music. i Had never heard this music before, so i got up and asked the gal at the counter who this was. she said, Leo Kottke. and showed me the album cover. That began my love of Leo and his music. I listen to it everyday on pandora now. I paint to it, I play with Poppy while its on and so many of his songs have truly moved me. I probably never would have come across his music had I not been there that day. Music has a way of making moments sacred. Dylan, No Direction Home was like that for me and all his songs about gypys and the mystical nature of life he brings out. This painting was done because even a simple act of tying ones shoe, when done in presence, has the power to move mountains. Peace be with you all!

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