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This was like many paintings where I didn't find out the meaning until after it's painted. I was moved by a very deep feeling of knowing and of home while painting this. The man represents so many people; my dad, my grandfather, my ancestors (known and unknown) Matt (earthly guides).  I am represented on the right.  The mandolin is significant of the gifts of the spirit, often passed down by our ancestors. The Mandolin which was once my dads, my grandfathers, is now placed in-front of me as they now tend the spiritual fire. I was pleasantly surprised after finishing this piece to notice how the man seems to be floating about 3 feet above the scene which is exactly how I visually see into the spirit world while meditating. They always seem to be a little above us. And I am very much rooted on the RED stool on earth. the fire is blowing with the wind and the scene to me is very ancient, simple, a feeling of contentment warms all who are present. My feeling is once the fire gets going, i'll pick up the mandolin and start to play. I'll pick up the gifts given, and the gifts left to me by my loved ones and play. what good is a gift when its unused. This painting really evokes such a deep emotional connection with me, one of co-creation, one of joy, and one of being rooted and at the same time very much connected to 'beyond the veil.' I love when paintings teach me. I feel there's more left here to learn but for right now i'll just sit back and enjoy.

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