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Full Moon Lotus Medicine


I received my blue lotus oil from Ritual Oils today and used it while meditating. I knew it would arrive today on this Full Moon and its an absolutely magical oil! Check them out here:

What would the blue lotus like me to know?

I am the oldest and wisest plant on planet earth but you might say ive been seeded here from elsewhere- The blue star, blue planet- for the revival of your soul. blue is a powerful color to revive. Blue opens the Stargate to the crown.

Me: how can it use used for healing?

Flower: by recognizing the power within the plant. it connects to the stars and the mud of this earth. This plant has the deepest and most expansive connection to the center of the earth and the center of the sky = why it opens up the central channel and allows the spin to continue within. its like a warm glowing ember on the coldest night - it can reignite any soul aflame. When you recognize the truth of this it can get to work to heal. its mission is clear and wide. this plant knows why she's here and what she can do - this also adds to her innate power majesty and beauty. but this plant is more than blue. she's a deep pungent yellow centrally and she's a violet ray at the outer most tip. she is all colors although the third eye must see this. she is water on a parched land. she is the revival.

She is a creative powerhouse combining the blue and yellow sun energy. the frequency is so high you will soar, both in meditation and dream time. use before sleep on the third eye an temples. when you become the plant you recognize your own power and decide from a very pure primal place that you never wish to give away your power, but to use the fullness of it to be of service, because this is what the plant allows for herself. all parts of the plant are used, not just some.

Egyptian Monk: (seated in lotus hands in a mudra) shalom my friend. peace has made you well. peace shall accompany you ever where you go. pieces of the puzzle my friend. receive receive receive. can you see how the universe wants you to heal. she wills for your healing, as you do.

Me: How do I let go of the past, the pain?

Monk: by realizing who you are doesn't depend on keeping it alive or not. when you keep something alive that's already been done you are leaking precious life force energy to do so. it is a direct channel of your own chi going towards something that can never be alive again. because its already happened and can never happen again see these experiences as orbs around you, not connected to you. you can go back to remember them and ponder the lessons but do not try to revive them. it goes against the current of chi and will weaken your energy. blue lotus understands many people have ties to the past and revives the broken hearted by cutting chords to these experiences in order to revive and regain ones power - to keep it freely flowing within in the beings aura. living in the past is a dead end. presence is where all is. live in presence and you will find out who you are and receive every answer to any question. everything gets established in the present moment. you will also understand life when you are present. you've been in a cycle of draining your energy - trying to keep something dead alive - not realizing those things have already been re born as their own true nature back with God. Do you really want to tell God the dead way is the better way? God holds up all of life- so you may let go and sink into presence. If a lotus holds onto the experience of the mud she would never reach the sun. let go surrender allow a wave of sunlight to wash over you. detach from the heaviness of the mind. every answer becomes clear in the now.

Me: what would u like me to know in this moment?

Monk: This is where you expand in the awareness of truth. This is why the pyramids were built - to re connect to remember. this is why you always loved caves because its where you found your peace - all the same.

Dont grow weary, grow powerful. strong. inhabit your being and bloom. paint. heal. establish everything.

Great is thy thankfulness for this life. When you feel you don't belong go back to your near death when you thanked God for your life - it is in this moment you felt the total awe of Gods love for you and were suspended in a state of gratitude and love for God. You were thankful to have come here to experience. Call upon that. it will give you strength and truth. God is good and you are goodness in action. your father was right to leave you with this truth 'lead a good life' he was a wise man indeed and a true Guide. rest assured your path is bright and sprinkled with golden light. heavenly songs play for you.

Om Neve Shalom (hands in mudra)

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