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Establish Everything

Channeled Message 1/2/23

As you came into this world as a seed - you as a soul continued to grow and you as a physical human might say you got off the path, you choose ways not of your highest and best, not of love, we say, you dear soul, were brave. You've become also through your choices an expression of your soul. your work in this life pays you back in fulfillment, wholeness and bliss because you choose it again.

your beliefs have shifted and your seed establishes itself here on earth. no more longing to be where you are not because you will see you can be established here on earth and be in all places at once in present moment awareness. so your not 'missing out', your tuning in. Into the greater tapestry of life, to the infinite and eternal field where all is. this is after all where all information belongs and can be accessed.

and isn't it grand, how this light shines on you and shines for you and within you.

when you commit to life, life opens up to you. committing to life is opening your flower petals so the bees and insects drink from your nectar, your pollen is unique and life sustaining . it was born in the dark mush of the divine chrysalis. the flower has a choice to open or not. it will not open in fear. so it must overcome fear. it will not open in anger or anxiety so as it grows toward the sun it must turn away from the darkness, the illusions of life. it must feel worthy to reach the light, it must believe the light is for you, not against you, it must know all things to live and thrive are encoded within and that it already has everything It needs to live a long good life. and then when she stands up straight - she take a big breath, the breath of life . the breath says, I am committing to life on earth and as she exhales, and lets her petals go, the whole world opens up to her. and all she is is offered to the world and the figure eight of giving and receiving is in perfect balance because we are nature and nature does not lie - nature is. and natures job is to survive and thrive and joyfully turn toward the sun and open up this wondrous life while we are here.

but if we don't commit - the world will never know who we are. they will never receive us as the gift we came here to be. it is an act of vulnerability that leads to wholeness and it is as some might say the only act that matters. The sun calls every day. the sun sings over us and praises our growth. what a shame to not show the world who you are. but you have committed and your petals open and the world rises up to meet you.

and you've established everything. and so it is.

I often receive channeled messages in the form of parables because that is how I learn best. this one made me tear up at the visuals of the flower and the implications of not opening up in this life. Many sensitives fear committing fully to earth but I feel its so important to have a foot here because to be grounded on earth while we are here means we accept the life we choose to experience. And what a joy when we open to the world and the world receives us.

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