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A painting I did recently where I really worked something out, like shedding an old worn out skin and emerging new and light and free. After meditating on it this is what its about... This is one of my favorite paintings. It makes sense to me and I love the color, pattern and vibe it gives off. I don't know that i'll ever sell this piece. Its a self portrait of who i was in another life- looking back over the mountains, through the terrain, and gathering my thoughts about it all. She's a sage. A medicine woman. A girl who walked the mountains foraging for herbs. She's bright and intense and knows what her purpose in life is. She is happy doing it and is fulfilled. Theres a longing for where she came from but a contentment being exactly where she is. Everything she wears is art, an extension of her inner being. She is very connected. I can learn a lot from her, and have already. I saw her in a few dreams and this painting depicts her perfectly. Its the gaze in her eyes that I was able to capture. I am very thankful for the dreams that inspire paintings such as this one.  

This is the first self portrait ive done while pregnant. Most of my pregnancy I haven't felt the desire to paint but this piece called to me this morning and I finished it in a few hours. It literally poured out of me and left me feeling so connected to myself once again. I really needed to do this piece. As I was finishing it a song was on called, "Worship the Sun" and i thought it spoke to the story of this painting. So the title is, "Worship the Sun Within." It shows me sitting on an orange chair, orange being the seat of creation, 2nd chakra, with blue jeans, a white stripped shirt and red boots; hair falling down. As I look at it i see some insights emerge. First, the red boots are grounding the flower pot which represents the womb, the plant is the babe and the watering can is the whole of creative energy -  so I am watering a new plant with all of creation! But these red boots are grounding, root chakra. I never really felt grounded on this earth until becoming pregnant and I know thats the babe's doing, she is grounding me. I spend so much time in my upper chakras to distract me from earth but the thing is, I AM here! on earth! so I shall be rooted while I am here. The floor is a woven basket in appearance and symbolizes the tapestry of life, ancestors, the thread continues. The hands disappear - one in my hair and one in the plant. This symbolizes one in my life and one in babes life, to show that I will always remain fully ME white also remaining fully yours! The rainbows are an ode to her spirit and room and the open sky, an open door, for all the potential she has, it's limitless. The yellow are all her guides and ancestors along the way. And I threw in the mandolin as an ode to my painting "Blowin in the Wind with my Mandolin" to show the connection once again to the gifts passed down from one generation to the next. Preparing the mandolin as a gift for this New Plant, this New Life. 

When we are out of our circle looking in we dont know where we stand with others or ourselves. I spent most of my life on the outside of my circle. I can almost recall the exact moment it happened. As a child i loved to be alone - i remember sitting on a swing  at the park looking at a tree that resembled an upside down apple and contemplating God and life and myself. I always felt i didnt belong here - like i wanted to go home. Id stare at the stars with a longing. I felt too sensitive for this world and became meek and shy. I would retreat to my roof, id write and at night i'd become enthralled by the rainbow swirling lights in my bedroom  which comforted me deeply as i feel asleep (i now know these to be my angels) only to wake into a world i found was abrasive and harsh. I remember at some point i followed the crowd, wanting to fit in, and when i walked out of my own circle, my own nest, i no longer felt good enough and like i constantly had to please others, like what can i do for you!? constantly giving my power away. and so my light dimmed and by the time i got to college i was a shell. i had no idea who i was, only to come home to my soul mate - dying. My dad empowered me. i made my first real decision, to come home. to be with him in his time of need, be love. to use my hands again, to paint and to heal. it was my dad, my muse, my guide. he guided me back into my circle. he did this naturally just by being himself, humble and kind. my great father. he opened the door, the BIG door some never have a chance to open in their lifetime. that door put me on the path to my life purpose. it was because of him i'm alive today, really ALIVE and not asleep. my whole life i dedicate to my dad. he allowed Jesus, God, Guru, to flow through me all of my days by opening that door. he reminded me who i am truly - a golden light of love. this physical body has been the seat of so much anguish for me, for him. but if i really sit with this, it wasnt the body but the mind that kept me from joy. feeling abandoned by coming to earth to live a life, being so connected to where i came from (God), not feeling like i deserve to be here, i brought with me a wound of abandonment with led to a subconscious victim mentality. feeling like i owe everyone something and then resenting them. Outwardly never accepting Victim i realized it was because deep down i identified with it. NOW i see that word made me a slave to certain mindsets.  not deserving to be here no self worth owe my life to everyone buy myself missing connecting to people because i was always longing for home which made me miss the present moment.  terrible body image always harsh on myself. this victim mentality led to adopting a 'perfection' attachment. nobody can see me with out a mask on, with out being perfect! i NEVER let my guard down for fear i might offend someone or they might not like me. Damn it feels good to let my 'hair down'! To put on airs is just that, fake, false and not authentic. im realizing the purification led to me dissolving back into God, completely. Now im realizing what i can let go of and what id like to emerge with- something i might not even know exists! i'm leaving the door open-i really feel a surrendering, a dissolving back to God means i can rest and be ugly and discheveled and a mess. 'take me as i am' its really the only way anyway. a camel fits through the eye of a needle only when he removes the baggage from the trip. get rid of it all child and emerge! you've just gone through the fire, dissolved and are about to emerge as your beautiful new self, beautiful holy and free! you are no longer a victim, you choose to be here, I choose to be here. to allow God to work through me as a channel. to help others and myself. Butterflies show us this can be done and is a  natural process. Every shift is a dissolving back to God  and emerging with what we need and losing the rest. Every vibration we raise to we are widening our wings, we are sharpening our colors. and so when i look back at my childhood and my life i can see clearly where i've come from  and how its all been in divine right order. i never really let myself down, i just lost my way only to be found and strengthened. maybe we live  many lifetimes in this one life. thats how it feels to me sometimes. constantly shape shifting and evolving and raising our vibration  and when our vibration becomes so high our bodies cant contain it we return to God. We dissolve back to love. 30 has been quite the transformative year. to see myself in a dream as a dead flower only to emerge from the dead a beautiful heavenly flower, free of constraints that once were so binding. its always been. my life has always been magical. its the nature of it. but to be free from any constraints we must first acknowledge they exist so we can say, that was once true for me in that season but no longer. i now choose and feel it deep in my bones a new life, a renewing, refining, i choose to be here. to be present as my friend Jim says, this moment, its everything. to take up your bed and walk, and then get rid of it all together. to walk hand in hand into the eye of the needle. 

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