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I painted this after a dream I had about a past life. I was a young native american and i felt everything very deeply. I knew about this life and lives to come. I started burying turquoise and other stones that were meaningful to me, knowing id find them in this current life and they would help me with my calling. It's very prayerful, purposeful. The blue skirt almost flows off her like a river and mimics the pattern triangle coming from the sky. it's the tapestry of life, all knit from the same 'source.' a gold beam comes down from the 'sun' (son) hitting her crown - deep divine connection. Green flows around her head to symbolize the earth  and healing mother nature can bring. she's very connected to earth. the mountains are her home and the dirt is her family. everything works as one. Her own hands are an extension of her heart and her love of life. The sacredness will never leave her. It's all quilted together with an eternal strong. her skin and the mud are one. the mud adorns her skin like nothing and she wears it proudly and humbly.

Each stone she places in the ground is a moment.

Each moment - is a holy moment. 

THIS moment, it's everything. 

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