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"Blue Lotus Medicine Woman"

Channeled Message 2/20/23

What does the Blue Lotus want me to know?

I am here now dear soul. I am connected to the fairy realm. wonder, blue translucent, earth, mud, rain, moss, sun.

Integration is at hand. Allow me to hep you integrate from the blue star knowledge that will assist in your growth here on earth.

A lotus grows in the mud, as you have. A cycle and a new beginning is at hand.

Blue - passionate, compassionate. intuition, guidance, truth and beauty.

I enter your third eye and spin around you pineal gland - creating hexagons in the headspace- bringing you back to life and harmony and the riches the universe has to offer - freely. Receive, accept, glow - you are worthy of our gifts. Gifts of spirit. Make tea with this flower and add honey and sip in awe and wonder of this world and who you are in it, within it. And so it is.

(I asked about the new energy I feel coming up from under my feet when I stand barefoot)

This new earth energy allows you to become the embodiment of your hidden gifts. it acts like an energetic force coming up from the earth, enters the souls of the feet and moves up and out. leaving behind the gifts to be seen and used and become. gifts aren't meant to be held in an outward gesture. they are meant to be embodied and thus heal those which they reside from and others. Giving and receiving.

I found info about the blue lotus in a book by Sarah Breskman Cosme called

"From the Trail to the Star People"

After reading and channleing info I decided to order Blue Lotus Ritual Oil from as well as blue lotus tea. Check them out their products are amazing!

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