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"Ancestral Travel"

Channeled Message April 2023

I was in meditation communing with an ancestral guide of mine and this message came through...

Guide: Accept that anything and all things are possible.

Embrace this for your life. Jesus taught that you can heal from anything. Look people in the eye to see how close to God you are. When your far away - you look away. When your close you melt into another eyes because they are one and the same. A gauge that is all.

Me: how do I draw close to God when im feeling far away?

Guide: commit yourself to Gods will and divine love and surrender. know you are much more than any anxiety or physical ailment. stand barefoot, surrender. accept where you are in the present moment. let go. find peace in the stillness. Drop the heavy mind. lead with the heart.

surrender surrender surrender

you enter into the 'field' when you are in the flow. the next step is the walking flow. coming out of meditation into life while staying in the right brain. can you do it? lets try.

the dichotomy you've been in can disperse the more you live in right brain. using left is for momentary logical decisions. right now meditation is the lasso that pulls you into right, but the moment your done, you go right back to left. the more you sit in spirit and do your work with others, the more you shift that HABIT and create a NEW habit of living mostly in right brain. its the non thinking - its BEING.

Me: how can you tell?

Guide: you will feel at peace - in the flow. receiving information effortlessly a clear knowing will be present and in the forefront of your minds eye.

This isn't about perfection. it will be a gradual process of shifting the scale.

It feels carefree, playful, childlike, loving, heart centered, you see others as a blessing, not overwhelming, patient and kind. its a constant coming back to until you've made the shift.

your mind is at peace. detached - observing. as you observe you see the truth of your life. As you observe the story goes away. what's left is present moment is-ness.

the more you get into presence and melt into oneness with the moment the more you will be at peace and not feel like time is running away or that times a thief. you'll feel like time is infinite and there's plenty of time to accomplish all things.

because your dwelling in the eternal now. you will be hyper aware of the people your with and able to be of service to yourself and others. remember, you've lived in left brain: fear control ego, for years. don't berate yourself when you struggle to find the now. COMPASSIONATELY redirect your boat true north every moment it takes. compassion is the key. you are guiding. love yourself. you don't want to be a mean master. you want to be a loving mother.

(I was remembering an experience I had where I felt my oneness with God)

Guide: remember your place with God. all encompassing, right standing, worthiness. and dwell in this high state.

Being enough wasn't even a question for God. You are. God is. Alls well. Alls love.

(While thinking of the past) Detach from the utter disrespect for oneself knowing it was a karmic game now broken and unraveling. move into the now. create new changes of light and play with the light.

Coherence is grace in motion. Grace comes through like a fine tooth comb and smoothes out any incoherence. Grace is the medicine of God. We often withhold grace because we believe we need to suffer. Not true.

Even in suffering we can choose to not suffer. We are often bound by unseen threads of past emotions. We think we are keeping ourselves safe by holding tight to what we know, not realizing that by releasing them your free.

Rattle, drum, dance, shake it off.

You are a joyful heart. A vision of creation. Let it flow.

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