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A Message for the Collective

Channeled Message 2023

You inherited a soul of God

you are a seed of the divine

one mind- cosmic consciousness

don't be fooled when you look around and see the surface of this world

look once more - really SEE

allow your mind to rest awhile

let your heart do the speaking

let your heart do the seeing

you may see a kaleidoscope overlay this life

a rainbow of lights appears

the suns rays create geometric patterns appearing over this realm

we are living breathing rays of light

we create our destiny over the blueprint

RELAX. so much that you allow everything in this moment to come to a point

a point where

no thing exists

who are you if you aren't a body

a mind

you are a spark of light

and God withholds nothing

you are beyond form - you can travel through other dimensions and do so in the dream time.

But if you practice sitting still

calming the breath

sinking into God

you can travel anywhere at anytime and receive insight from the Divine Mind

where all ideas flow from

Go to the source

don't skate on the edge

wherever you go there you are

who are you creating yourself to be?

someone you love

someone you adore

the choice is ours

there is a smile that appears when gratitude rings the door

step over your current burdens

rise up and see the light of God's eye pouring into yours

then look into your own two eyes and see God smiling back.

We are not separate

We are one.

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