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A thought came to me from deep in my heart, "i finally know how to walk on the earth" 

I was making a fire, walking barefoot on the moss to gather sticks, i had set the table outside for dinner, cut some flowers and placed them in a vase, i was running in to check on babe, wearing an apron, hot from summer sun and stopping every now and then to look up at the trees. It was in the midst of these moments the thought came through. 

i knew it to be true. it was the truth. 

Poppy has completely grounded me in the way i always needed to be.  It could have never happened for me before this - another lesson in divine timing. And now that i know how to walk on the earth, i choose to do so joyfully, with ease, peace in my heart, and with a smile.

All things only a babe could teach us. 

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