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3/3 Portal

I've been using a crystal grid during meditation lately and its really amplified my experiences. Today as I was sitting in the center of the grid surrounded by crystals and

I found myself being transported to the center of a pyramid sitting in front of an Egyptian monk. I decided to ask him some questions and what followed was a very clear enlightening conversation.

Monk: Do you know the secret to life? A healthy mind.

Me: how does ones mind become healthy?

Monk: By observing, not becoming what you see. You want to embody all that you are. but you don't want to be owned by all there is - in this way the external experiences do not own you. your mind stays clear when you embody truth which is to say SPIRIT FULL BODY - allow your vessel to be filled with your spirit.

The shiny jewel we are all seeking is within your own two eyes. what we seek can be sought by looking within. my robe is dark blue because my EYE is clear. I come here (within the pyramid chamber) to travel to my home while remaining here. ( I saw that within the pyramid was a place where people would come to astral travel and gain knowledge and wisdom from other star systems or in this case from their original home in the universe)

Make and mold something with red clay - your hands remember this. (I remember a past life as a Native American where I used to make pots with red clay. I think he was referring to this)

Gather up the parts of you that have gone astray and welcome them home. You need all parts to heal the wholeness.

(I found myself wandering to a pain I had been holding about our miscarriage. I really wanted this baby and it's been hard to accept) Do not mourn what was never lost. This child FOUND you again in this life and choose his place because he knew he would be even more connected to you from where he is. You understand this from a past life although its been difficult to accept. Now you do. Death isn't the absence of life, it is the presence of love with out form.

Healing is bringing in the matrix - the whole of who you are/ what your comprised of back to balance.

Disorder = dis ease

Order = health and healing

your cells work as a team - communally living and moving. it is stressful for cellular structure to be pulled away from the tribe and this creates discord.

Strike a chord and the cells move as one. This is why sound healing cleans and renews cellular balance. Rife is good for this. Tuning forks, singing bowls, Tibetan and crystal bowls. Vibration is ALL.

This is why a healthy mind is key. master the mind and you master your life.

music and sound cuts through the outer physical shell right through to the matrix. humming, chanting also does this. sitting near a creek listening to the water flowing over rocks. this is healing. redefine what healing looks like and you will heal. change your perspective, change your life.

Me: how did you become enlightened?

Monk: By watering the seed of enlightenment already within. what you think about is what you bring about. we have all seeds within. we may water what we choose and watch it grow. many water the seeds of doubt and blame others when those seeds grow. we say, you did this or that, but we gave it life. Master the mind, master what grows.

Me: Anything else you like me to know?

Monk: Dance is the movement of earth in loving motion. Shake it out. Ocean waves roll in and out. Even the mountains and rocks shake and undulate. The stars twinkle. Nothing is stagnant and if it is it is devoid of life. Tribal communities understood the vital nature of dance, singing and clapping, stomping feet, banging the drum, chanting, they are mirroring the earth as a way to bring in harmony. harmonic culture. harmonic living. vortex water- buy it! structured water = structured living. if vortexing water can create hexagon structures what can a living breathing dancing singing humans do?

What can you do? All things are possible.

Healing = transformation.

Om Neve Shalom (his hand went in a mudra)

The session had come to a close and when it was over I googled Om Neve Shalom and found this meaning :

Om- that which sustains everything

Neve Shalom- my people shall dwell in an oasis of peace oneness and harmony.

I was shocked because I felt like it embodied the entirety of our conversation about mastering the mind and bringing in peace to the mind.

I started using this crystal grid in meditation. I found this Metatrons Cube alter cloth on amazon. its big enough for me to place crystals around it and sit in the center to meditate. I use four clear quartz points and a set of 6 sacred geometric crystals I received from a friend of mine in the 6 circles. For more info on the cube and crystal grids check out:

Theres a lot of info out there this was just one piece of info I found about it.

From my perspective it feels like a channel of energy is made by using a grid and helps anchor the meditation session in order to astral travel or go deep and receive information and healing.

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