(Ages 13 through 18, AAH 3rd Floor, 9 weeks)

This class is geared toward teenage artists and creative students. All skill levels are welcome, from the teen who has never taken an art class before, to the one who has spent years honing his/her artistic craft. During the semester we will work with students to discover their artistic styles and voices through drawing, painting, collage, quick art history lessons, and the practice of keeping a weekly sketchbook. Each class will be different, and no student will be forced to work within a specific style. The goal is that each student will find the style that feels most natural to him/her. The over- arching purpose of the class is not only to further students’ artistic abilities, but also to help each student to understand himself/herself better through creative outlets. EACH STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE AN 11X14” SKETCHBOOK, but other supplies will be included in the tuition fee.

Instructor: Kelly Curran and Rachel O’Connor

Schedule: To be Announced

To sign up contact the Art Association of Harrisburg at: