Stained Glass Mirrors

The Pyramids symbolize emerging from the earth and reaching toward the sun. They also represent a mountain and the journey up the mountain. The crystal at the top symbolizes the divine and connecting heaven and earth - and they are all open as a reminder that all we will ever need is within. They each reflect their own unique colors when the sun hits them and change as the sun move across the sky. 

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Stained Glass Pyramids

These are a beautiful way to bounce light around a room and to really open up a space. They look great on their own or as a series.

Sizes vary from 9x9" to 12x16" 

Price: $65-$125


These are great ring keepers and come with a crystal on top. They are about 1-2 inches!

​$40 Each

Stained Glass M A G I C A L  EYES

$30 Each 

Stained Glass Window Gems

Faux Stained Glass Installation

Senate Building, Camp Hill PA, February 2017


$60 each

About 4x4"

These are great for rings, jewelry, an air plant, or even a votive. They all come with a quartz crystal on top <> Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the Divine <>

Here is the before and after photo of the big piece I did as one of the "performance artists" for the red carpet soirée. I painted the exterior on Friday and the color interior Saturday during the event as people walked by. It was something I've never done before but absolutely loved! I also enjoyed working big and doing a technique for the first time was so freeing! Also this building will be demolished soon so a theme was "everything is temporary" and I titled this installation "imagination is the key" which is why I painted a door opening on the one wall. It symbolizes my dreams and is an ode to my grandfather passing down the art of stained glass.




$20 Each

$50 (3)