Stained Glass Jewelry Pyramids

1. "Matisse at Work" Green, Blue and Yellow

2. "Frida's Self Portrait" Orange and Light Peach (SOLD)

3. "Picasso's Blues" 3 Different Blues (SOLD)

4. "Van Gogh's Sunrise" Yellow and Light Peach (SOLD)

5. "Mondrian" Red, Blue and Yellow

6. "Rouault's Peace" Green and Clear (SOLD)

Each piece is about 3.5x3.5" 

$40 each

These are great for rings, jewelry or even a votive

Here is the before and after photo of the big piece I did as one of the "performance artists" for the red carpet soirée. I painted the exterior on Friday and the color interior Saturday during the event as people walked by. It was something I've never done before but absolutely loved! I also enjoyed working big and doing a technique for the first time was so freeing! Also this building will be demolished soon so a theme was "everything is temporary" and I titled this installation "imagination is the key" which is why I painted a door opening on the one wall. It symbolizes my dreams and is an ode to my grandfather passing down the art of stained glass.


These are great ring keepers and come with a crystal on top. They are about 1-2 inches!

​$40 Each

Faux Stained Glass Installation

                 at  the Senate Building, Camp Hill PA, February 2017


Crystal Point Pyramids

$20-$40 Each 

Stained Glass Pyramids

These Pyramids are topped with a crystal and come in magical colors!

​1.Blue, Clear and Brown + Topaz (SOLD)

2. Clear, Light Ping and Marble + Topaz

3.Yellow, Light pink and clear + Celestite

4. Orange, Light Pink and Brown + Topaz 

​$45 each 

Pressed Flower Stained Glass Window Hangings

About 2x5" three sided cone incense volcano

comes with glass disc holder, colors vary

​$40 each

Incense Volcanos