Where to Begin: 
If your interested in a commission you can email me at KELLYMCGEECURRAN@GMAIL.COM. From there I would set up a time to call you and speak with you over the phone about your ideas and we'd go over the size, price, and length of time. If it is something I feel I could accomplish for you we would then set up another time to speak in length regarding all your details, ideas, and suggestions. I do my best work when you know the type of work I do and you choose to have your vision expressed through the style i'm painting in (please see examples of the art I do below). I love to hear ideas, stories, symbolism and personal history in regards to what you are commissioning, and to see visuals of what you have in mind. These all help give me a clear idea of exactly what you want!
I will always do my best to create a piece you are not only happy with but a piece that brings you joy every time you rest your eyes upon it. I believe original art is an important piece in ones home not only for the beauty, but the life inside it. I believe art is alive, and changes with us.  A commissioned painting can never be replicated. It is truly your own sacred work of art! 

What I Do:  

Expressionist Oil Paintings: on Wood or Canvas

Sizes:  2x2 ft, 1x4ft. 6"x4ft. 1x3ft. (wood)

           16x20", 18x24" 20x30" 36x48" (canvas)

           Other: Custom size

Note: Each painting comes with a handwritten note about the piece. Think of this as a channeled writing. It is typically           about 1-2 pages long. 

Length of Time per Commission: I only do a select number of commissions per year and the length of time it takes completely depends on the size and depth of the piece. I would estimate 2-6 months per commission. 

Price: I will email you the price sheet after your first email and prices range from $250-$2000. 

 Types of Commissions I do: 

Landscapes- do you have a sacred spot in nature, the woods, or where you grew up that you'd like to capture in a painting? Is there a scene you always dream of or that you go back to in your mind. Did you visit a place and you felt at home there? (For me that was traveling to Colorado. I am still painting scenes of Colorado to this day.) I once did a painting of a cabin in the woods with smoke coming out of the chimney and the client told me he was once hunting and got lost in the woods and he walked all day trying to find his cabin and when he saw the smoke coming from the house an overwhelming feeling came over him, 'i am home!' The painting was on wood and the cabin was deep in the forest almost invisible through the trees and the smoke rose up through the trees, up through the sky and off the painting. There were many deep greens in the painting and the cabin had a hint of red on the roof. The sky was a darker blue to show the sun was going down. But at last, he found his way home. 

Symbolic Self Portraits and Figures: the sacred, mystical, dreamlike happenings of life can all be expressed through these commissions. Are you on a journey and your at a point where you want to show how far you've come, the sacred journey we all take in life. Many symbolic self portraits are almost channeled paintings. I work from a photo of you or in person for 1-2 hours (then go off on my own to complete the painting) but it takes on a feeling all its own and before I know it I'm not sure what will be painted next. I call these intuitive paintings, visionary works of art. They may not look exactly like you,  (sometimes I feel past lives peer through) in fact none of my own self portraits look exactly like me, but the feeling that comes through is that of whats hidden inside the soul of the person. My figurative work is always portraying an emotion, a feeling, a moment that is happening that needs to be expressed. My own self portraits changed after becoming a mother, another great time to commission a painting. Motherhood brings out so many new changes, deep shifts in a womans life.

* I urge people to become familiar with my work because I do not paint in the realism style. My paintings are expressionist, brightly colorful, textured, symbolic pieces. This goes for all my commissions. I recently painted a portrait of a friend of mine and felt her son has merged into her face as well. He is only a baby but his likeness came through none the less.





A commission is a great way to make your vision become a painting!

​I have been doing commissioned paintings for many years, each one unique and filled with symbolism! I wanted to make it easier for people to understand exactly what I do and how I can help you to take your vision and make it into a beautiful one of a kind painting. This is my blue print for commissions: 


"she can take the dark out of the night time, and paint the day time black" - Dylan