I am a mystic.

I feel there's a magic to this life; within all, there is something to be learned and gained. I create from a deep place within, and I find I have everything I ever need there. I do what makes me happy and I do what I love. I paint my dreams. I paint what's around me. I am inspired by nature and receive a lot of insights from meditation. My own story inspires me, and as we are all constantly evolving, so does my art. I can't wait to see where it takes me and I look forward to the ebbs and flows of this process, knowing there is nothing I can do but to allow it to all unfold, exactly how it is supposed to. There is no forcing it, or trying to make it be something its not. It just is. And it's always been and I love that my paintings always find their way to the right person.

Kelly McGee Curran 

Kelly is a  painter, art teacher and reiki practitioner from central pa.

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I paint from my home studio in Camp Hill, and create stained glass work from my studio at the Millworks, #216. I listen to music, burn incense and am currently very much into my Donovan station on Pandora. When i'm not painting i'm doing Reiki out of my home Reiki Studio. What I love about both art and Reiki is they are universal. They compliment one another and inspire me on this journey we're all on. To bring healing and joy down to earth with a pure light heart through art and healing is what i'm here to do.
Please get lost in these paintings and to see more, follow me on instagram @kellymcgeeart.
"And magnificently we will flow, into the mystic..." Van